Ducky 2023 Edition One 3 Series

DuckyChannel International Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer dedicated to delivering professional-grade mechanical keyboards and mice, is releasing Ducky 2023 Edition One 3 series mechanical keyboard. It adopts a new Cherry keycap profile design, and the surface slope gradient of R1~R4 height is more ergonomic.

Ducky 2023 Edition One 3 Series

▓ Brand New Cherry MX Black Clear-Top & Ergo Clear Switch!

Ducky 2023 Edition One 3 mechanical keyboard features a detachable USB Type-C cable, N-Key rollover, along with multiple switches to choose from. Cherry MX Black Clear-Top is inspired by Cherry used in the old Nixdorf softkeys keyboard back in the 80s. In addition to the milky top housing, the switch is characterized by a linear switching characteristic, a golden spring and a slightly increased actuation force.

The Ergo Clear switch on the other hand, combines the tactile feedback of the MX Clear with a comparatively light actuation as well as a reduced bottom-out force and offers a smoother typing feel and more relaxed typing or gaming even over many hours.

Cherry MX Black Clear-Top Switch (Linear):

Cherry MX Ergo Clear Switch (Tactile):

Not only with the 2 new Cherry switches mentioned above, Ducky 2023 Edition One 3 series mechanical keyboard also provides an assortment of reliable Cherry MX switches ranging from Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Silver, Red switches etc, to ensure you find the switch that fits your personal taste, offering users with more choices.

QUACK Mechanics uses only the finest materials, our keycaps are made from true PBT. The seamless legends are formed through a double-shot technique where two plastics are molded together, allowing legends to never fade away even after multiple years of use.

4 Exclusive QUACK Mechanics Design Features:

• True PBT Double-Shot Keycaps:Stain resistant keycaps with a frosted surface to embrace all challenges head-on.
• Optimized Construction:Designed with perfecting weight distribution and center of gravity in mind to enhance stability & precision.
• Authentic Acoustics:Reduces undesired sounds, immerse yourself in the raw acoustics of genuine switches.
• Tuned for Balance:Stabilizers fine-tuned for an exceptional typing experience where the user and keyboard become one.

Exclusive QUACK Mechanics design philosophy

One 3 has a refined weight distribution and lowered height to improve stability during the most rigorous of moments. Its front to back weight ratio is meticulously designed to keep the keyboard in one position, essential for advanced gaming and typing!

Tired of a particular switch? Do it yourself to swap with different switches for a different typing experience.

Ducky 2023 Edition One 3 Series:
Ducky One 3 Gossamer Pink
Ducky One 3 Mist Grey
Ducky One 3 Cosmic Blue
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