Lucy Dreaming Coming to Nintendo Switch on 28th February

Lucy Dreaming, a hilarious, British point & click adventure through dreams and reality, will release for Nintendo Switch on 28th February.

Lucy Dreaming Coming to Nintendo Switch on 28th February

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Since its release on PC and mobile platforms in October 2022, point & click adventure, Lucy Dreaming, has enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive reception from industry press and adventure game fans alike. The first commercial release from fledgling British studio Tall Story Games, this love letter to the 90s LucasArts classics like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle was borne from solo developer Tom Hardwidge’s childhood passion for point & click adventures. With no previous industry experience, Tom and his wife, Emma Hardwidge (the voice behind the titular Lucy) founded Tall Story Games during the COVID pandemic, and have single-handedly seen the game through to completion, taking responsibility for the design, writing, artwork and development as well as all of the PR, marketing and all of the other hats required to self-publish a commercial game.

Now, less than three months after the initial launch, Nintendo fanboy Tom’s inner-child is standing prouder than ever after the Switch console port of Lucy Dreaming earned Nintendo’s approval to release on 28th February 2023, and the possibility of other console ports is also on the horizon.

“I honestly can’t believe it. I have dreamed of creating a game on a Nintendo console ever since I was about ten years old.” Tom explained, “During COVID I retrieved my old SNES console from the attic to introduce my young son to one of my all time favourite games (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past), this rekindled my love of old pixel-art games, and played a huge part in fuelling the passion behind my first foray into game development. To have Lucy Dreaming featured alongside modern classics like Return to Monkey Island, and Zelda is utterly incredible.”

A positive reception

Lucy Dreaming has already been well received on PC and mobile platforms, with unanimously positive reviews from a range of industry magazines,websites, reviewers, curators and players who have fallen in love with the characters, humour and satisfyingly challenging (but always logical) puzzles.
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