New Map Coming to Among Us VR

New Map Coming to Among Us VR

Today, Innersloth, Schell Games, and Robot Teddy debuted a trailer (all footage is WIP and subject to change) that teases a new map inspired by Polus in the original Among Us game. Community voting is now open to name the map, and choices include:

Polus Mines

Polus Frontier

Polus Point

Voting will remain open for approximately one month, and the studio will use the highest-voted name for the new map in-game. Fans can cast their votes here.

But that’s not all…

Patch 4 is on the horizon, and the Developer Crew are actively looking for beans to join the ongoing open beta. We’re currently testing some highly-requested features, including lobby customization options.

From preliminary testing and some quick math, the Among Us VR team discovered more than 9 billion customization configurations coming to the game with this upcoming feature. These settings will allow a lobby host to adjust the pace, balance, and general rules of how a match plays out — including nearly all of the options from the original Among Us and some VR-exclusive options.

Here are two sample configurations shared with players on the Among Us VR Discord Server that can put a new spin on spaceship shenanigans:

“Where’s The Proof?”

Without skewing the scales too much, playing with a bit more vagueness and scarcity of information can be fun. Put your social deduction skills to the ultimate test by wiping away any shred of evidence.

Hands Visible: Always

Chat Enabled: During Meetings

# Emergency Meetings: 1

Visual Tasks: Off

Taskbar Updates: Never

Anonymous Voting: On

Ejections Show Roles: Off

“Conceal and Prowl”

Numerous Crewmates. One Impostor seeking them out. And absolutely nothing stopping a brutal takeover except clever hiding skills and a speedy task list completion.

# Impostors: 1

Kill Cooldown: 10 sec

Hands Visible: Always

Crew Vision: Min

Impostor Vision: Long

# Emergency Meetings: 0

# Long Tasks: 0

Report Bodies: Off

Door Sabotage: Off

Sabotage Cooldown: 40s

Players interested in participating in the open beta can head to the Among Us VR Discord server for more information and to share their favorite customization settings to switch up gameplay.

Among Us VR is available for $9.99 USD on Meta Quest Store, Rift, and Steam stores. Players can customize their Bean with the Hat Pack: Crewmate Favorites for $3.99 USD. Visit the Among Us VR website
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