Icy Wasteland offers new battle options for Crossout fans

Gaijin Entertainment has announced the release of the Northern Lights update for the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout. It brings tons of new content, including a new Hyperborea faction, the Volcano map, co-pilot Hertz, the new custom games system called Game Center, and a lot of new vehicle parts for crafting even more crazy and deadly armored vehicles.

Icy Wasteland offers new battle options for Crossout fans

Hyperborea is a close-knit community of people that survived the apocalypse in harsh northern conditions. They roam the icy wastelands, using the hulls of giant submarines and icebreakers as mobile headquarters, armories and fortresses. The Hyperboreans also dismantle ships and melt them into metal, and then produce their own equipment, optimal for low temperatures. The crew and all complex technical systems, as a rule, are enclosed in one-piece cast armored capsules, and a large number of radars and cameras compensate for the limited viewing angles from the cockpit.

Simultaneously with the release of the update, Crossout launched a new season of Battle Pass called Polar Lights that will last until June 7th. The reward list includes new parts for the Hyperborea faction, such as the epic Sleipnir caterpillars that reduce damage from fire and other threats, or the legendary Munin cockpit, optimized for controlling combat drones.

Players can send their freshly crafted vehicles in battle on the new Volcano PvP map, on the territory of a former research station that survived a volcanic eruption. Now it serves as a place where the Hyperboreans dispose of old submarines and other equipment for their needs. And to make it more fun, players can choose a young scientist named Hertz as a partner. He loves dangerous experiments with electricity, so his active and passive skills will suit those who rely on energy weapons and protective fields.

Finally, the Crossout menu has a new section called the Game Center, where any player can create their own modes with unique conditions. The system is as flexible as possible: for example, you can choose the duration of the battle, the number of rounds, limit the time of the fight, adjust the number of control points, weather conditions, certain types of damage, set restrictions on maps, the power of allowed armored vehicles and specific details. So the warriors of the Wasteland can now not only design armored vehicles on their own, but come up with the rules by which they will have to fight.

You can learn more about the new Northern Lights content on the official website of the game.
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