Chonky – From Breakfast to Domination is in Early Access

Chonky released into Early Access at the end of last year. A lot of features and content have been added since then and just 2 days ago, another major update has been released. It introduced questmarkers on the interactive map, hovertexts for HUD elements, new content as well as making attacks and skill casting much smoother and more responsive.

Chonky – From Breakfast to Domination is in Early Access

In the next few weeks another big update will come, upgrading and reworking the UI and the HUD of the game.

Since launch many features have been added like automatic item comparison, quests, an ingame map, the first NPC, consumables and new areas.

Steam: Chonky – From Breakfast to Domination

The Game

Cute characters, endearing enemies and an all together chonky world. Fight your way through adorable monsters, collect all kinds of loot and experiment to find new spells in this top-down action RPG.

Enhydra Games’ first title “Chonky – From Breakfast to Domination“ is now in early access on Steam.

Chonky - From Breakfast to Domination takes you on a journey through an old school RPG with an endearing optic. Slay monsters, collect weapons, armor and other items and discover new skills to improve yourself.

Sadly, Chonkys are not the brightest and therefore do not possess the knowledge of how they can acquire new skills: Experiment and try new things to unlock them!

Go out, have fun and blow up some of those pesky Spoders and fight your way from breakfast to domination. (And do not forget to take your lunch with you!)

Key Features

A hidden Skill Tree where you can find new skills by fooling around

Diverse Combat: Melee combat with 9 unique weapon classes, 80 unique skills and abilities, and 30 unique weapons with randomized stats using our prefix system make sure you will never be bored!

Vibrant Environments: 4 major areas with lots of small hidden side areas for you to discover, and more are coming soon!

Chonk Appeal: Everything is chonky and Chonky is everything. OH LAWD THEY COMIN!

The Story

A grand story about the Chonkys fight for survival and their battle against monsters and the forces of good and evil. And of course about breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

Enhydra Games

Enhydra Games is a small indie studio founded in February of 2022 in Vienna. Its goal is to create wholesome and cute games that can be enjoyed by younger as well as older players. You can get in touch with us via  website
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