Fresh Start Worlds Arrives in Old School RuneScape Today

Launching today, Fresh Start Worlds arrives in Old School RuneScape offering players a chance to play the iconic MMORPG where everyone starts on a level playing field. Whether you’re a competitive player chasing World Firsts or looking to jump into Old School RuneScape for the first time, Fresh Start Worlds will see players joining a like-minded community starting the adventure together.
Unlike in RuneScape, Old School RuneScape players will not receive an XP boost, instead having to rely on their wits and knowledge of the world to get ahead. Similarly, for brand new players, Old School RuneScape’s Fresh Start World will recreate the experience of logging onto the iconic living game for the first time, with all the grinding and nostalgia flair that comes with it.

Fresh Start Worlds Arrives in Old School RuneScape Today

To celebrate 300 million RuneScape accounts created, Fresh Start Worlds marks to prove that there’s never been a better time to get into Old School RuneScape or RuneScape. Starting fresh together, players will race each other to achieve hi-scores and achieve glorious World Firsts such as being the first player to hit level 99 on a skill.

Once the event finishes after six months, players will have their characters transferred onto a main game server to continue the fun for years to come.

“We’re so excited to launch Old School RuneScape’s Fresh Start Worlds” says Mark Killey executive producer for Old School RuneScape, “Following Fresh Start Worlds for RuneScape, it’s great we can launch a similar, but more specialised, experience for our Old School players. We want to really capture the magic starting a journey in a brand new world where there is everything to play for and the potential for limitless adventures.”

Old School RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds is available to free to play members with additional content available for members, become a member now at
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