The ORIGIN PC BIG O: The Ultimate Entertainment and Content Creation Machine

The ORIGIN PC BIG O: The Ultimate Entertainment and Content Creation Machine

ORIGIN PC has today announced the launch of their all-new BIG O hybrid gaming desktop, which combines a liquid-cooled PC, a liquid-cooled gaming console, and an optional capture card into one system for gamers, streamers, content creators and professionals.

The 2020 BIG O utilizes the dual-chamber chassis design of the CORSAIR Crystal Series 280X case to feature a liquid-cooled gaming PC on one side and a liquid-cooled gaming console of the customer’s choice on the other. Customers have the choice between a PlayStation 4 Pro or an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, for the console side of the BIG O. Both console options use original hardware with the option of upgrading the stock hard drive to an SSD.

The console and PC have separate power connections and separate HDMI outputs, which enable them to either be used at the same time through two different displays or alternately through one multi-input compatible display. An optional Elgato 4K60 Pro capture card can be added to the BIG O to allow for seamless streaming and capturing of content, including 4K gameplay, to the PC.

Since ORIGIN PC’s reintroduction of the BIG O in July 2019 on the famed YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, gamers all over the world have been asking how they can get their hands on a BIG O for themselves. “We were completely overwhelmed by fans calling in, tweeting us and contacting us, asking us where they could buy a BIG O,” said Kevin Wasielewski, ORIGIN PC CEO and co-founder. “Our team wanted to find a way to recreate the BIG O in a way that would satisfy everyone’s desire for one of their own, and we’re proud to unveil the 2020 BIG O, a system that does just that.”

The components of the PC side of the BIG O, such as the CPU, motherboard, RAM, GPU, and storage drives, can all be fully customized, allowing users to enjoy the best PC gaming experience with the latest GeForce RTX graphics and their choice of an Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor. CORSAIR components on the PC side and CORSAIR peripherals connected to the PC can be configured using iCUE software for extra customization, while the console side of the BIG O also offers customization options for upgraded storage, including opting for an SSD for faster loading times. ORIGIN PC offers a full range of external customization for the BIG O, including laser etching and HD UV print design options.

The BIG O is made possible by ORIGIN PC & CORSAIR’s continued co-operation, as both companies worked together on BIG O following CORSAIR’s acquisition of ORIGIN PC in July 2019. Combining ORIGIN PC’s system-building expertise and in-depth customization options with CORSAIR’s state-of-the-art software and components, ORIGIN PC can deliver products like the BIG O to create new world-class gaming and content creation experiences.

Pricing and Availability

The ORIGIN PC BIG O starts at $2,499 and is available at The final price of the system is determined by the addition of a capture card, which gaming console is selected, and which PC components are added. Every BIG O is shipped in ORIGIN PC’s signature wooden crate armor. ORIGIN PC ships primarily to the United States and Canada. Worldwide shipping options are available, and shipping fees may vary per country.

The ORIGIN PC BIG O is backed by a 1 year part replacement warranty with 45-day free shipping and ORIGIN PC’s dedicated lifetime 24/7 US-based support team. More warranty options are available, up to 3 years of coverage and free shipping.

To find out more about the ORIGIN PC BIG O, please visit:

The All-New ORIGIN PC BIG O Desktop Features:

All-in-One Gaming and Content Creation Machine: Fully-custom ORIGIN PC desktop that combines a gaming PC, capture card, and a gaming console for maximum gaming capability.

Modded CORSAIR 280X Case: A CORSAIR Crystal Series 280X case is modified to fit both a gaming PC and gaming console of choice using original hardware: Xbox One S All-Digital Edition or PlayStation 4 Pro.

Liquid Cooled: Both the PC’s CPU and the console of your choice are liquid-cooled using CORSAIR all-in-one liquid coolers, for optimal performance, lower temperatures, and low-noise operation.

Dual-Chamber Design: The custom CORSAIR 280X case features a dual-chamber internal design that splits the gaming PC and gaming console.

Stream Console Gameplay to Your PC: An optional Elgato 4K60 Pro connected to the PC captures direct 4K gameplay from the console side, streaming gameplay footage to the PC or via HDMI out on the rear.

Multiple Tempered Glass Panels: Three tempered glass panels showcase the PC side of the system with optional HD UV printing available on the PC side panel.

CORSAIR iCUE Software Integration: CORSAIR LL RGB case fans, CORSAIR components, and CORSAIR peripherals can be configured using iCUE software for extra customization.

Clean PC and Console: Removable front, roof, floor, and PSU dust filters help keep the PC and gaming console clear of dust.

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