IOGEAR Launches UpStream Line of Live Streaming Video Production Tools for Content Creators

IOGEAR Launches UpStream Line of Live Streaming Video Production Tools for Content Creators

IOGEAR, a manufacturer of innovative solutions designed to maximize the capabilities of computing and AV technology investments, today announced the launch of its new UpStream™ line of video capture solutions and production tools designed for eSports, journalism, vlogging, and so much more. Eliminating the need for expensive video production equipment, the new UpStream line launches with four exciting products.

For straightforward recording and streaming of high-quality video and audio, IOGEAR's UpStream line offers two different capture adapters, created specifically for the content source itself: 
UpStream™ Video Capture Adapter (GUV301, MSRP: $99.99): A compact USB-C a that connects to a Mac or PC and captures video and audio directly from an HDMI-enabled camera. Video captured is live streamed at 1080p at 60Hz on video platforms that support Open Broadcast Software (OBS). The GUV301 is available now.

UpStream™ Game Capture Adapter (GUV302P, MSRP: TBD): Designed to enable seamless live streaming of video game content from a gaming source through a smartphone, Win dows or Mac computer. This ultra-compact USB-C adapter allows for 4K video and audio input from a gaming console's HDMI output (supports copywritten content), with local HDMI pass-through so gamers can still see their gameplay on the big screen. With video output up to 1080p at 60Hz, this adapter is the perfect option for the aspiring eSports star. The GUV302P will be available starting early Q2 2020.

For next-level video mixing and pro-level production quality, IOGEAR is introducing:
UpStream™ 4K Game Capture Hub (GUV322, MSRP: TBD): Capture, mix, and stream live videos in HD UVC format with this multiport video hub that pairs with a mobile app for seamless touchscreen control. Equipped with two HDMI video inputs and real-time HDMI program (PGM) output, users can live stream their video game content plus an HDMI camera source, and seamlessly switch the view between the two sources, with advanced picture-in-picture views, using the UpStream smartphone app from IOGEAR. An RCA (L/R channel) input and XLR Mic input offer two audio sources for either background music and a mic, or two mics. The GUV322 will be available starting early Q2 2020.

UpStream™ Pro Video Production Switch (GUV303, MSRP: TBD): Designed for on-the-fly mixing and live streaming of commercial-quality video content, the UpStream Pro Video Production Switch is an all-in-one multi-channel mixer that combines multiple HDMI inputs that support 4K video input and two 1080p camera sources, an RCA audio input and dedicated microphone input for pro-quality live streaming to a global audience via any content delivery network. Featuring a compact mixer control panel with programmable buttons and UpStream Studio, an intuitive iPad app, users can easily edit their layout, switch between scenes, add image or text overlays, and adjust PIP settings in a simplified tap and swipe UI – all without the use of a computer. The UpStream Pro Video Production Switch will be available starting Q1 2020.

"Live streaming on popular content networks has opened up a world of possibilities for masters of their crafts to share their passion and interact with a global fan base in real-time," said Joseph Zhang, Director of Product Management, IOGEAR. "Our UpStream product line makes it simple and cost effective for anybody, tech savvy or not, to create and stream television-quality video live over any of today's popular social media video platforms."

The UpStream Video Capture Adapter (GUV301) from IOGEAR is available now for purchase at US retailers, including The UpStream Game Capture Adapter, UpStream 4K Game Capture Hub, and UpStream Pro Video Production Switch will be unveiled at CES in January 2020 and will become available for purchase starting in Q1, 2020.

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