Xtreme Performance Lab to Feature NeuroPod PRO at eSports Business Summit

Xtreme Performance Lab (XPL), the next generation of esports performance improvement technology, will exhibit at the eSports Business Summit, September 10 through 12 in Las Vegas. The company recently launched its neuro-physical based mental performance training services, which utilize advanced real-time brain and body activity monitoring tools and protocols and are provided via a unique remote services delivery platform to develop the skills gamers need to self-modulate under pressure and reach "The ZONE" on demand.

Xtreme Performance Lab will feature its patent-pending NeuroPod PRO® assessment and training system that enables the delivery of its proprietary combination of neurofeedback and biofeedback training to any internet-enabled location in the world. Attendees at the conference will have the opportunity to test out the NeuroPod PRO through actual mini training sessions guided by XPL clinical technicians.

"Gamers must maintain peak mental performance at all times. Given the need for complete focus and strategic thinking during hours of play, mental training platforms like our NeuroPod PRO can elevate performance for eSports athletes around the world," states David A. Clarke, founder and CEO of Xtreme Performance Lab. "The ability to keep emotions in check, manage anxiety, and maintain focus are all key components of successful gaming. Our training is customized to each gamer and gives them the tools needed to manage their internal environment regardless of what is going on around them."

Conference attendees can find Xtreme Performance Lab at Booth 302 at the eSports Business Summit at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The NeuroPod PRO will be set up from September 10 through 12. Appointments to experience the NeuroPod PRO are not required, but strongly encouraged. To make an appointment, contact info@x-p-l.com or call 1-442-268-0689.

To learn more about XPL and the NeuroPod PRO, visit www.xtremeperformancelab.com.

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SOURCE Xtreme Performance Lab

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