ThreatGEN Announces Release of World's First Online Multiplayer Cybersecurity Training Game

ThreatGEN, a cybersecurity training and services company based in Houston, TX, announced today the release of the world's first online multiplayer computer game designed to teach cybersecurity. The company's flagship product, titled ThreatGEN®: Red vs. Blue, leverages the latest in computer gaming technology and draws upon its seasoned cybersecurity experts to create a truly authentic and highly effective cybersecurity learning experience like no other. Not to mention, entertaining!

"With the level of technology available to us today, there's really no excuse for us as an industry to be using the same outdated training methods we've been using for decades. Generation X and younger generations have all grown up as a gaming culture. As a result, training methods such as simulation and gamification are not just fads. They are extremely effective in this culture and quickly becoming preferred," said Clint Bodungen, ThreatGEN Co-Founder & CEO, and lead author of Hacking Exposed: Industrial Control Systems. "ThreatGEN®: Red vs. Blue even takes gamification to a new level," added Bodungen. "It's not just adding points and leaderboards to existing training, or even capture the flag (CTF) style. It's literally immersing players/students in cybersecurity simulation using an actual computer game (or video game if you're old enough). I knew I was on to something when my wife, who knew next to nothing about cybersecurity, was playing the game and began discussing with me the cost vs. reward analysis of performing a vulnerability assessment at one point of her strategy vs. another."

One of the unique benefits of ThreatGEN®: Red vs. Blue is its ability to teach and exercise practical application of cybersecurity concepts that have traditionally been more strategic or abstract. Such as, building a cybersecurity program, managing cybersecurity budget and cost-benefit analysis, and strategy. It also allows players to learn the red team, or "hacker", concepts and methods without needing any prior technical skill.

While this first release of ThreatGEN®: Red vs. Blue is consumer-focused, ThreatGEN says it has plans to expand the (training) game to multiple industries and scenarios as well as release an enterprise version that covers everything from security awareness training to more advanced cybersecurity skills training. All leveraging the simulation capabilities and entertainment value of computer games. ThreatGEN®: Red vs. Blue is currently available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux through Steam ( and will soon be released on the Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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