Journey into the Forgotten Land of Star’s End in Black Desert SEA

New adventures are on the horizon as Adventurers prepare to venture forth into Star’s End, a challenging new region ripe for exploration that is now live in Black Desert SEA. With new content and events awaiting all Adventurers, exciting changes are in store for everyone in the Black Desert world!

Adventurers are preparing for new trials as Calpheon opens its northwestern roads leading to Star’s End. This huge region was sealed in the aftermath of a black meteorite strike, when a plague began to spread that corroded the minds and souls of the infected until only madness and violence remained. The quarantine for Star’s End has been lifted, but travelers be warned; the unprepared will quickly become prey to its ruthless monsters and relentless dangers. Those able to overcome the challenges of this region can look to forge the new Black Star weapons, which are legendary weapons said to be one of the most powerful in the Black Desert world.

To commemorate the opening of Star’s End, the Black Spirits are offering a special event for their Adventurers this week filled with fun activities and rewarding explorations of the Black Desert world. From June 5-19, quests to gather pages of the Black Spirit’s Adventure Log will be available in certain towns and cities, which can be completed by finding the Black Spirit’s Marks left behind in these areas. Great rewards like Enhancement Help Kits and Blessings of Kamasylve are available if all the marks in one area are found. This event is a first of its kind in the Black Desert SEA, and the Black Spirits are working hard to make it special for their Adventurers. Make sure not to miss out on this great event!

In addition, the polls to vote for the Genie of the Black Desert world closed last week, and the votes have now been tallied—Beau the Courser has been chosen to grant the wishes of Adventurers! They can now make their dreams of owning Dream Horses into a reality until June 19. During this time, materials needed to awaken all three Dream Horses can be obtained by gathering, fishing, or defeating monsters, and those who happen upon some mischievous raccoons that have recently invaded parts of the Black Desert world can help cull them for these materials in addition to highly-sought raccoon parts. With these events, Adventurers are quickly drafting up their training plans to awaken these Dream Horses!

With the opening of Star’s End, the festive mood is at an all-time high in Black Desert SEA, and two other events are looking to take this mood to the next level. Black Desert SEA is collaborating with RAZER to give out extra in-game rewards to Adventurers until June 30. In addition, a special announcement will be made on June 8 that will change the lives of all Adventurers and inhabitants in the Black Desert world forever. For a sneak peek, view the teaser here, or head over to to learn more about this update.

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