Gamerome – Rome Developers Conference

After a greatly successful event in 2018, Gamerome – Rome Developers Conference announces 13-14-15 November 2019 as the dates for next year’s edition.

After three days of talks and networking focused on game development, the organization behind Gamerome reveals the days for the 2019 edition of the event.

Gamerome will officially make its return next year, from 13 to 15 November 2019. Gamerome will be again the ideal place for content creators looking for mentorship, direction and publishing deal opportunities, thanks to its program of initiatives and meetings tailored to the needs of game developers.

In 2018 over 400 attendees, among developers, publishers, games industry professionals and gaming courses students have populated Gamerome 2018 for three days, creating a cheerful and relaxed indie atmosphere, perfect for making connections and pursue personal projects in the best possible way, thus making Gamerome the go-to video games B2B event in Italy.

An inspiration for developers

The event was headlined by an incredibly inspiring talk by David Cage (CEO of Quantic Dream), which enchanted the audience with a thought-provoking speech about interactive storytelling. The conference saw the participation of more than 42 speakers from renowned companies such as Nintendo, Epic Games, Intel, King, Square Enix, Techland, while hosting the talks from high-profile speakers from academics and business. The conference allowed the audience to listen to best practices and personal experiences in the gaming industry shared by decision leaders and top-class speakers as Kate Edwards (Geogrify), Alessandra Van Otterlo (Control), Marie-Claire Isaaman (Women in Games), Rachele Doimo (Square Enix), Frank Sliwka (International Business Media), Christopher Heck (Nintendo), Martin Buchholz (Nintendo), Milena Koljensic (Epic Games), Joseph Azzam (Epic Games), Marco Rizzotti (King), Lukasz Chmielewski (Techland), Hiromi Ishikawa (Vantan Inc), Florian Fusslin (Crytek), Or Briga (Novos), Stefan Lampinen (Game Advisor), Kay Gruenwoldt (Walking Squid), Maciej Hofman (European Commission), Marco Accordi Rickards (VIGAMUS Foundation), Morten Rongaard (Reality Gaming Group), Angela Paoletti (Local Transit), Benjamin Rostalski (Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur), Chris Darril (Darril Arts, Remothered), David Logan (Studio V), Andreas Lange (EFGAMP), Enrico Martines (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Agostino Melillo (intel), Andrea Rizzi (Insight Studio Legale), Nicoletta Serao (Insight Studio Legale), Pontus Rundqvist (DreamHack), Kish Hirani (Terra Virtua), Susan Tackenberg (Industry Consultant), Sharon Tolaini-Sage (Norwich University of the Arts), Mauro Fanelli (MixedBag), Alberto Belli (Gamera Interactive).

Connections and networking

Aside from the talks, Gamerome’s Showcase was highly successful, hosting 28 games coming from Italy, France, Japan and Poland, that were played not just by the audience of the event, but even by the highly acclaimed international guests Cage and Tomonobu Itagaki. The personal and informal atmosphere allowed the attendees, developers and young professionals, to meet face to face with some of the biggest names of the industry. Thanks to the Pitch and Match system, smaller studios had the occasion to arrange meetings with publishers such as Nintendo, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, QubicGames, VLG Publishing, IndieGala.

Prizes and recognitions

Many awards were assigned during the event. The Gamerome Showcase Award was assigned to Fly Punch Boom! (Jollypunch Games), Dusk (Dusk Developers) and Babystorm (ISART Digital). The Nordic Game Discovery contest prize was awarded to Dusk, while Casual Connect Indieprize was won by Jollypunch Games for Fly Punch Boom! David Cage was allowed in Gamerome’s Hall of Fame, during a special cerimony where Itagaki-san, already member of the Hall of the Fame, assigned the prize to Quantic Dream’s CEO. For the special merits in the field of diversity and inclusivity, Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Women in Games, was given the Gamerome’s Special Award.

The organization of Gamerome will work hard in the upcoming months to improve the event and offer top notch services to the developers and decision makers willing to attend the conference. The event, directed by Micaela Romanini (VIGAMUS Foundation), has been supported by the main sponsor Leonardo Digital Campus and by Nintendo, Intel, Epic Games, Insight Studio Legale as Sponsors.

Gamerome – Rome Developers Conference
November 13-15, 2019

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