Brutal Classic-Style FPS SUFFER is out now on Steam

Solo indie-dev game studio Anarchy Softworks LLC has released its first game, SUFFER, for Windows PCs on Steam! Set in an abstract dystopia, in SUFFER players take on the corporate police state with a ninja sword and ludicrous amounts of firepower! Boasting "oldschool" 90s difficulty and style, SUFFER is a throwback to the glory days of 2D sprites in FPS, abstract level design, and hordes of baddies to blow away - all stitched together with a horror-punk twist! This is a game for the diehards out there.

The wind rushes past, toxic fumes swirl around newly forming blood-mist. Another police state goon goes down, but still your blade is not satiated. The State's omnipresent digital eyes see everything and their beasts of machine and flesh are upon you. As their screeching commands are snuffed out by shotgun fire, you can't help but smile as you reload. This is about to get interesting!

"It's been a dream of mine since as long as I can remember to make video games - so it's a surreal feeling launching SUFFER on Steam, and I couldn't be more excited! I grew up on a healthy dose of games like Duke3D, Quake, and Blood, but FPS games have changed quite a lot since then. With SUFFER I wanted to make a game that paid tribute to that style, while being unique in terms of gameplay experience. With acrobatic movement, a frenetic mix of swordfighting and gunslinging, and a dystopian horror atmosphere, SUFFER is game meant to challenge and entertain at every turn."

SUFFER is for hardcore gamers who want to test their skills! Injecting fast paced FPS action with ninja-sword-fighting-acrobatics, this is a throwback to the golden days of PC shooters that offers fun, addicting gameplay with a post-industrial nightmare theme and punk attitude.

  • Intense Single Player Campaign
  • 75 Handcrafted Levels - Abstract Design Anarchy
  • Brutal Difficulty For Hardcore Gamers
  • Colorful Sprite Graphics Inspired By 90's Pixelated Glory
  • Original Punk/Metal Soundtrack

It is time to destroy the demon police state. Purchase SUFFER on Steam - 10% off until December 17th, 2018:

Brutal Classic-Style FPS SUFFER is out now on Steam Brutal Classic-Style FPS SUFFER is out now on Steam Reviewed by Tech News 24h on Rating: 5