Major ‘Corona MotorSport’ update released

After over 7 months of work, Update 3.04 for Corona MotorSport was released by LucasGame Studios on March 19th.

“After over 7 months of non-stop work, I was finally able to turn Corona MotorSport into something truly special” – Luke Japaridze, Lead Developer
Corona MotorSport is a simulation-based independently developed and published racing game. Developed by LucasGame Studios, Corona MotorSport features a constantly improving physics system, beautiful graphics and a variety of cars to choose from. Users can select a track and drive around in Freeroam or they can race against other vehicles in Race mode. Corona MotorSport is currently in Early Access. LucasGame Studios hopes to finish Corona MotorSport and transition out of Early Access this year.

The new version of Corona MotorSport includes a slew of improvements and new additions. For graphical improvements, a new sky system has been added for more realistic weather simulation as well as new lighting configurations and updated post-processing effects. The Monza track has been completely redesigned. It now features life-like trees, improved building models and a full pit garage and crew. The driver avatar featured in all vehicles has also been updated, now donning a full racing suit. The driver also appears more lifelike due to improved inverse kinematic solving and G-force calculation. Many vehicles have been redesigned and now feature full badging and branding, vehicle handling and engine sounds have been drastically improved as well. Also, all Factory Five vehicles now feature realistic suspension animation and simulation.

One new track and one new vehicle have been added to Corona MotorSport: The Barcelona Circuit and the Factory Five Type-65R coupe. The Type 65-R coupe is the race variant of the Type 65 kit car sold by Factory Five Racing.
Major improvements have been made to the AI system as well. The drivers now brake later and harder to speed up lap times and the AI drivers lose control much less frequently than before.

Luke is hoping to improve Corona MotorSport’s public image after past versions left customers wanting more from their racing experience.

A link to the game’s Steam page can be found here. In celebration of releasing the new update, LucasGame Studios has added a 45% discount to the price of the game.

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