Black Desert Mobile to Start Pre-Registrations in Korea

The much-anticipated mobile MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, was finally unveiled to the public.

Pearl Abyss, who develops Black Desert Mobile, held a media showcase in Seoul on the 23rd and started pre-registrations at 11:00 am on the same day.

Black Desert Mobile is a mobile MMORPG that utilizes the IP of the original PC version, Black Desert Online, also developed by Pearl Abyss. Black Desert Online, a major global hit that is enjoyed around the world, has been reproduced on mobile.

At the event, Pearl Abyss introduced the contents and plans for service that gives a glimpse of the future of Black Desert Mobile.

"Black Desert Online, which was first introduced to the world about three years ago, has turned into a global game that is enjoyed in over 100 countries around the world," said Kyung In Jung, the CEO of Pearl Abyss. "Today, I am proud to present to everyone, our second work of art, which is a combination of our passion for MMORPGs and persistent technical mastery, Black Desert Mobile. We will do our best to make history with our new game by following in the steps of the original Black Desert, that made so many gamers’ hearts race with excitement.”

Pre-registrations start today

Pearl Abyss announced that they will be servicing the game themselves. They have emphasized the fact that they are ready to service their own games based on their global experience with Black Desert Online. Pearl Abyss has already set up a dedicated business and operations team for Black Desert Mobile. They have been securing a talented team of professionals that are more than ready to provide the best service possible for all of their fans in Korea and around the world.

The launch date for Black Desert Mobile was confirmed for January 2018. Prior to the launch, the company will begin taking pre-registrations through the teaser site starting from today (Nov. 23), and will conduct a closed beta test before the official launch. The company plans to launch global services in succession after the Korean launch.

"Black Desert Mobile recreates the strength of Black Desert Online as the most optimized game on the mobile platform,” said Strategic Planning Director Young-chul Ham of Pearl Abyss. “About 50 developers have been working on the game for the last two years to complete the MMORPG, and everyone will be able to see the amazing results soon. "

Improved Development, Created for Mobile

Black Desert Mobile was developed with its own engine just like the PC version. The development know-how of Pearl Abyss is world-class, boasting cutting-edge graphics and high optimization levels. In particular, the acquisition of Nettention, a company that specializes in network servers, is expected to further advance the technology.

The specifications for the content that are to be released when Black Desert Mobile launches have also been decided. There will be five characters, a customization system, seven battle modes and various life contents will be spread through three territories: Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon. Lifestyle content includes gathering, mining, logging, crafting, fishing, and owning personal territory.

"We have endlessly struggled to improve ourselves and go one step further from what we can do best," said Yong Min Cho, a producer at Pearl Abyss. "In particular, we ultimately want to create a system that breaks the stereotype of existing mobile games by thinking of ways to implement a variety of content that will make the game feel like a real MMORPG.”

Pearl Abyss started the pre-registration event at 11 pm on the Black Desert Mobile teaser site (
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