Witness the might of Mars in new Falling Frontier trailer

Witness the might of Mars in new Falling Frontier trailer

Hooded Horse is excited to share the latest from Stutter Fox Studios’  highly anticipated space RTS game Falling Frontier. Behold brand new ships deploying to the frontline, revel in the most comprehensive look at the game’s core loop to date, and bear witness to the might of Mars in the newly released extended gameplay video:

This new footage offers an in-depth look at features both old and new. From the four new ship types joining the game’s expanding roster, to updated visuals and UI, to the next evolution of the detailed ship designer. The new video offers plenty of details big and small to dive into, as rising tensions between Mars and Titan serve as a high-stakes background to events.

Here is a summary of the new ships:

  • Berwick Frigate – a forward observer/spotter, with the ability to lay mines with the right module installed
  • Coventry Frigate – an escort frigate with plenty of armaments.
  • York Frigate – A scout frigate with advanced sensor modules, as well as optional defensive options.
  • Faslane Frigate – A frigate specializing in stealth, with options for both missile pods and support drones.

There’s too much to unpack in the new trailer for a single press release, but some highlights from the new footage include:

  • A new visual identity throughout the game, from the new-look UI to the additional ship and installation models.
  • New mechanics such as ships being built on planets and sent into space, and resource pods being sent down to the planet’s surface before being added to a player’s resource pool.
  • An up-to-date look at the ship designer, featuring more levels of customization than ever before.
  • Brand new visuals for FTL jumps.
  • Various gameplay loops, from setting up logistic chains to configuring patrol missions, recon UI, and seeing how the Sukula Mining Barge collects its resources.
  • And as the cherry on the cake, the combat at the end of the video ends with a good old-fashioned orbital bombardment.

Falling Frontier is still on track for 2025. It will release into early access for PC via SteamGOG, and the Epic Games Store.

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