Sony Unveils INZONE Buds - Truly Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Sony Electronics Inc. today announced INZONE Buds, new truly wireless gaming earbuds packed with Sony's renowned audio technology designed to help give gamers a competitive advantage. INZONE Buds offer both PC and console gamers an immersive gaming experience thanks to personalized sound, unrivalled up to 12 hours of battery life, and low latency.

Sony Unveils INZONE Buds - Truly Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Also announced today is the INZONE H5 wireless headset, which offers an astonishing up to 28 hours of gameplay, while ensuring comfort during extended gaming sessions. Furthermore, a sleek new black version of the highly acclaimed INZONE H9 wireless noise-canceling headset will be launched.

Sony Unveils INZONE Buds - Truly Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Both the INZONE Buds and INZONE H5 products were introduced through a collaboration with the renowned esports team, Fnatic, who will celebrate 20 years of operation in 2024 and secured back-to-back international titles in the VALORANT Champions Tour this year.

Sony Unveils INZONE Buds - Truly Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Sony Unveils INZONE Buds - Truly Wireless Gaming Earbuds


360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

With 360 Spatial Sound on INZONE Buds users can hear the direction and distance of opponents, putting them one step ahead of the competition.3 The INZONE Buds host Sony's industry-leading headphone technology, offering a tailored sound field.

Sound Field Optimization creates a personalized hearing profile by taking photos of the user's ears using the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer smartphone app.4 The INZONE Buds go one step further through the Sound Tone Personalization feature, individualized to the ear canal by playing test sounds from the driver units and using feedback microphones to measure how the sound fills the ear canal. Based on the acoustic analysis, the sound is then uploaded onto the INZONE Hub PC software, where further personalization can be done to curate a truly personalized spatial listening experience with unparalleled spatial sound precision.

Dynamic Driver X

From powerful explosions to subtle footsteps, users will feel transported into the world of the game through precise sound reproduction technologies. This is made possible through specially engineered high-performance Dynamic Driver X designed for wide-frequency reproduction, which is also used with the WF-1000XM5 Truly Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds. The diaphragm structure utilizes different materials for both the dome and edge, ensuring minimal distortion and a clear sound quality while delivering an unparalleled level of auditory realism.

Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound Mode

Sony's active noise cancellation capabilities allow INZONE Buds to block out background noise so users can focus on the game. With Ambient Sound Mode, users won't miss important sounds such as the phone ringing, dog barking, or the doorbell while being immersed in the game.

The INZONE Buds also employ an AI DNN (Deep Neural Network algorithm), crafted from more than 500 million voice samples. This advanced AI noise reduction ensures the user's voice stands out, distinct from the surrounding ambient sounds so users can be heard in the action.

Power Up Gaming Sessions

The new low power consumption processor L1 provides up to 12 hours of battery life in the headphones, with up to 24 hours total battery life with the charging case. With the industry's longest battery life, the INZONE Buds are ready to power longer sessions.1

The INZONE Buds come with a USB-C® dongle connection that provides latency of less than 30ms for real time game play.

Increased comfort, more gaming

INZONE Buds host a new design that reduces contact with the ear, meaning users can game for longer with increased comfort.

INZONE H5 Headset

With a lightweight build, lower side pressure, and advanced spatial reproduction, the H5 is ready for the longest gaming sessions. INZONE H5 features advanced spatial reproduction for enhanced focus when gaming, as well as a boom microphone to ensure clear communication, making the H5 the ideal headset in a quest for victory.

Key Features:

  • 2.4GHz wireless connection and 3.5mm wired connection
  • 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming
  • Lightweight (approx. 260g), soft-fit ear pads, and low-pressure design for extended gaming sessions
  • AI-based noise reduction and bi-directional microphone ensure clear in-game calls
  • Battery life of up to 28 hours

Refined for Victory, Advised by Fnatic.

Fnatic CEO, Sam Mathews, said: "Our partnership continues to push esports performance to its highest level, gearing up and supporting our professional teams to operate at their greatest potential. One of our first priorities as partners was to bring the extensive competitive experience of our pros to the development of INZONE Buds and INZONE H5.

In particular, our teams advised Sony that INZONE Buds would be an ideal gaming earbud with the battery life and comfort that can withstand even longest gaming sessions, as well as immersive audio our pros can rely on to overcome competition on the global stage.

We are thrilled that our global fan base now has the opportunity to experience our collaborative efforts with these headsets and game with the knowledge they've got their favorite pros backing them."

INZONE H9 Headset Black – A New Color Variation

Introduced in the initial INZONE lineup, the INZONE H9 headset immerses users in the zone with 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming and noise canceling for supercharged hearing and super sharp reflexes. The H9 is known for its exceptional noise cancellation, audio quality, and comfort, and is available now in the highly anticipated new Black color option.

Pricing and Availability:

INZONE Buds are available for pre-order now in black and white MSRP USD $199.99 / CAN $269.99 at

SOURCE Sony Electronics, Inc.
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