Atari reveal Days of Doom Release Date and New Trailer

Days of Doom, Atari’s new take on a turn-based RPG roguelite, unleashes ghoulish mayhem on PC and consoles on September 21, 2023, as was revealed this week as part of Feardemic’s FEAR FEST 2023. Here’s a link to the show’s VOD.

Atari reveal Days of Doom Release Date and New Trailer


In Days of Doom, the phrase “Hell on Earth” takes a horrifyingly realistic turn, as you’ll need to battle all manner of unholy monsters that have risen from the pits of the underworld. The supernatural dangers know no bounds, and it’s up to you to build, grow, and maintain a safe haven for what’s left of humanity amidst a treacherous wasteland. Recruit a ragtag band of heroes to battle the onslaught of zombie hordes, ghouls, raiders, and more in order to reach Sanctuary.

Days of Doom expertly mixes RPG and survival simulation elements, with intuitive base-building mechanics and turn-based team tactics, delivering a gameplay experience that demands progressive skill and attentiveness. Prepare for endless surprises and challenges, as no two runs in Days of Doom are ever the same. The procedurally generated landscape and the unpredictability of enemy encounters ensure each playthrough offers a fresh opportunity to hone your survival skills, pushing you to the top of your game.

Days of Doom also descends upon Feardemic’s ultimate celebration of horror as part of the Black Summer Fear Fest on Steam, joined by a collection of other upcoming and established genre peers across a wide swath of horror subgenres. Check out the official Steam event to see featured titles and an interview with Atari’s producer behind Days of Doom.


 Key Features: 

🖍️ Beautifully animated hand-drawn chibi art-style that brings an unusual and refreshingly vibrant vision of the post-apocalypse to life 

🧟 Eight unique character classes, each equipped with powerful default and punishing special abilities, boosted by over 70 items and runes to collect 

👹 A dozen enemies, from the archetypal zombie to deadly raiders, to explosive monstrosities and two surprisingly brutal boss fights

🎶 Original orchestral soundtrack by Jelle Dittmar (Death by Flame, The Playboy Murders)


Preorder and wishlist Days of Doom on Steam, Epic, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and Atari VCS. Developed by SneakyBox and published by Atari, Days of Doom launches on September 21, 2023.
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