LOOP LOOP ROOM Coming July 31st to Steam

Sekai Project is pleased to announce that LOOP LOOP ROOM, a brand new platformer from the developer desunoya (Tobari Series, Lys and Ruka's Magical Bag), is coming to Steam on July 31st! Get ready to challenge yourself, the slime life aint easy.

LOOP LOOP ROOM Coming July 31st to Steam


This is a simple puzzle platformer game filled with a variety of gimmicks. There is no story!
Do your best and gobble up the stars in each stage♪

Scrolling loops and occasionally rotating screens.
As a squishy slime, do your best to challenge these stages.

・The main character is a slime! You can split in two to activate switches and turn off dangerous traps
・A mysterious space where switches activate loops and scrolling loops. Use loops to access out of reach things!
・Screen rotates 90 degrees and even 180 degrees at times
・A ton of stages! Over 100 of them! Maybe more!
・From familiar springs, spikes, conveyor belts to warps, doors, color switches... even a slime doppelganger? These are the kind of gimmicks and tricks you will have to deal with! Use all sorts of strategies to get through these stages!

For More Information:
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2433150/LOOP_LOOP_ROOM/
Sekai Project: https://sekaiproject.com/game/loop-loop-room/
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