gamescom award 2023: Apply now!

The application phase for the gamescom award 2023 has started. Until Friday, July 28, all exhibitors in the entertainment area of gamescom 2023 can submit their games. There are several important developments to consider: The gamescom award will be presented in a total of 16 categories. The content focus of these categories has been extensively revised. The categories in the "Arts" group now aim to honor universal qualities of games instead of focusing on individual genres. All games, regardless of their release date, can be submitted for the gamescom award this year. The only requirement is that the titles must be playable for private visitors in the entertainment area.

gamescom award 2023

As part of the gamescom goes green project, this year, the "Gamescom Green Studio of the Year" award celebrates a gaming studio with a special commitment to sustainable values. These values include how studios deal with carbon reductions, within their studios as well as during their gamescom presence, but also how they use the creativity of their games and their large audiences in their commitment to the environment. All exhibitors of gamescom can apply for this category free of charge.

Submissions for the gamescom award will once again be evaluated by an independent and internationally composed jury, who will nominate the favorites. Fans and visitors of gamescom will then have the opportunity to vote on-site and also online from home to determine the winners together with the jury.

To submit a game, the entry form of the gamescom award must be filled out. The specific criteria for the documentation's formatting can be found in the regulations on the gamescom award website.


The categories at a glance:

Category group Arts:

  • Best Visuals
  • Best Audio
  • Best Gameplay
  • Most Entertaining
  • Most Epic
  • Most Wholesome
  • Games for Impact

Category group Platform:

  • Best Microsoft Xbox Game
  • Best Nintendo Switch Game
  • Best PC Game
  • Best Sony PlayStation Game
  • Best Mobile Game

Category group Global:

  • Best Trailer / Announcement
  • Best of Show Floor
  • Gamescom Green Studio of the Year

Direct submissions via the entry form on the gamescom awards website are only possible for the Arts and Platform category groups.

Submissions for the Gamescom Green Studio of the Year category are to be made directly via email to and are free of charge.

The award office for gamescom award 2023 is managed by the Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur.
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