Dune: Spice Wars’ Biggest Update Yet is Here!

Dune: Spice Wars

Yesterday, Dune: Spice Wars unleashed the Conquest Update, the biggest one yet to the 4X real-time strategy game. With Conquest Mode’s unique scenarios, perks, and challenges, every run is a new epic struggle to the top of Arrakis’ food chain. This highly replayable and unique solo challenge requires a deft hand to pull strings across all avenues, from politics and economy to intrigue and warcraft.

The Conquest Update is Dune: Spice Wars’ 4th major Early Access update, with the next one being the full launch update.

Conquest Mode encourages you to experiment with new playstyles for each of the major houses, expanding the possibilities with powerful new unique perks as you respond to challenging scenarios. Each run plays out differently and takes about 10 hours to complete.

Beyond this new major feature, the update has much more to offer. Tutorials have been expanded, making for a much smoother landing on Arrakis for newcomers. Major balancing and additions touch on almost every aspect of the game, with improvements to spying, an assassination overhaul, economy improvements, and a rework to nukes and resource management.

On top of everything above, the Conquest Update includes new regions, a new unique building for every faction, quality of life improvements, improved UI, and nine new music tracks.

The Conquest Update is yet another leap forward in the work that began almost a year ago in Early Access: to set the full stage for the epic and vicious drama that plays out at the center of the universe, Arrakis. To hone the many moving parts that make Dune: Spice Wars unique – the balancing of all the scales, intrigue and spying, brutal combat, Landsraad politics, the flow of spice, and the ever-looming threat of Arrakis itself.

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