devcom Developer Conference 2023 reveals major event update

devcom is aiming for a new attendee record for the devcom Developer Conference #ddc2023, revealing updates on its sessions, speakers and on-site program. The conference will take place in the Koelnmesse Congress Center East from August 20-22, 2023 and will host thousands of games industry professionals gathering in Cologne to share knowledge, do business, and network. The Conference will be a truly hybrid experience where all sessions, exhibitions, attendee profiles and matchmaking options are also available on our eventplatform, the gamescom biz community, with an extended timeframe for business meetings beyond the actual conference days.

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Press Release: 

devcom is preparing a diverse and inclusive program where speakers will present their sessions on 12 stages and have them available live and on demand on our event platform for participants online and on site. 

The first session highlights we’re revealing include a 5-person panel hosted by Paul Toderas from Gunzilla Games, discussing the Return to Monkey Island, Anita Sarkeesian (Executive Director at Feminist Frequency) sharing insights into the current state of DEI work in the games industry, as well as Didier Arpin (Design Director at Gearbox Studios) and his approach on taking care of your reputation by being credible.   

We are also proud to announce the initial line-up of 41 speakers who have already confirmed their participation in #ddc2023. Including well-known veterans as well as stage novices, our speakers will offer insights and expertise across the full spectrum of game development, coming as they do from diverse backgrounds and with wide-ranging skills.   

While it is not always easy to find the time and opportunity for networking between talks and panels at a conference as big as devcom, we help our attendees to connect with the people and companies of interest to them. In line with our motto: find a community, make memories, do business! we are offering more than 10 events for our attendees to participate in.   

These range from special group activities like the Speaker & VIP XP on Sunday as well as the Pitch it! Mixer on Tuesday, exclusive gatherings like the devcom Networking Dinner on Sunday and Executive Dinner on Monday right up to the mandatory Sunset Mixer Party on Monday and devcom Developer Night on Tuesday. The devcom Indie Award will take place during the networking dinner and early birds can start their day by joining our Run Club every morning ahead of the conference program. For the 2nd time the FLINTA* Meetup (*Female, Lesbian, Intersexual, Non-binary, Transgender, Agender) will take place on Tuesday: a safer space to meet and talk to other “non-cis male” individuals from the game developing world.   

More updates on sessions, speakers and programs will be announced in the upcoming weeks and we invite every games industry professional to join us for devcom Developer Conference 2023!

- First session highlights of #ddc2023 -
  1. Beneath 'The Return to Monkey Island' Panel & Q&A
  2. Are your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives making your Culture worse?
Anita Sarkeesian | she/her | Executive Director at Feminist Frequency
  • Gain insights into the current state of DEI work in the games and tech industry as well as new ways of thinking about building equitable workplace cultures.
  1. Communicating like Chewbacca
Didier Arpin | he/him | Design Director at Gearbox Studios Québec
  • We need to accept that communication problems will always exist. A lot can be done by communicating respectfully and objectively. Take care of your professional reputation by being credible.
- First 41 confirmed Speaker for #ddc2023-
  • Ahmed Salama | he/him | Ubisoft Stockholm
  • Alex Carullo | she/her | Nacon Studios
  • Ali Reeder | she/her, they/them | Wooga
  • Alina Miltenberger | she/her | InnoGames
  • Anita Sarkeesian | she/her | Feminist Frequency
  • Ari Arnbjörnsson | he/him | Epic Games
  • Ashley "ashleyriott" Blake | she/her, they/them | Andromeda Entertainment
  • Bertram Hein | he/him | Freelance Environment Artist
  • Celia Hodent | she/her | Game UX Consultant
  • Christian Fonnesbech | he/him | Leverage
  • Cris Robson | he/him | 3d-palace
  • Dan Ravouna | he/him | Eidos Interactive
  • Dave Grossman | he/him | Earplay
  • David Fox | he/him | Electric Eggplant
  • Didier Arpin | he/him | Gearbox Studio Montréal
  • Guido Schmidt | he/him | Remedy
  • Isaque Sanches | he/him | Ubisoft RedLynx
  • James Portnow | he/him | Last Chance Games
  • Jarory de Jesus | he/him | Housemarque
  • Jason Della Rocca | he/him | Execution Labs
  • Jason Hickey | he/him | Art Director Consultant
  • Jiri Kupiainen | he/him | Matchmade
  • Joseph Azzam | he/him | Epic Games
  • Kate Edwards | she/her | Geogrify
  • Maria Borys-Piątkowska | she/her | Flying Wild Hog
  • Maria Wagner | she/her | GamesForest Club
  • Mariam Michael Draeger | she/her | Spoondrift Games
  • Marie Havemann | she/her | Sandbox Interactive
  • Marie Mejerwall | she/her | Independent Advisor & Host
  • Mark Rutherford | he/him | IllFonic
  • Menno Deen | he/him | Super Menno Monster
  • Natasha Skult | she/her | MiTale
  • Paul Toderas | he/him | GunZilla Games
  • Prof. Dr. Lutz Anderie | he/him | Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • Rex Crowle | he/him | Art Director
  • Sébastien Croteau | he/him | The Monster Factory
  • Sophia Leader | she/her | IllFonic
  • Taewon Yun | he/him | Super Evil Megacorps
  • TimotheeEngel | he/him | Photon Engine
  • Valentina "Val" Tamer | they/them, she/her | Ubisoft
  • Zoé Nguyen Thanh | she/her | Art Director,Game Artist
- Full overview of #ddc2023 Side Events -
  • devcom Speakers & VIP XP | Sun, Aug 20 - 2 pm (CEST) - Cologne City
    For all #ddc2023 speakers and holders of a VIP & Networking pass there’s a special program on Sunday before the Networking Dinner.
  • devcom Networking Dinner | Sun, Aug 20 – 5:30 pm (CEST) - Flora Palais
International C-level decision makers, speakers and VIPs are invited for a fine dining and networking experience on Sunday, the night before #ddc2023.
  • devcom Indie Award | Sun, Aug 20 – during Networking Dinner
We’ll be spotlighting indie devs: this year, the devcom Indie Award will feature 3 award categories, each with a prize of 3,000€.
  • devcom Executive Dinner | Mon, Aug 21 – 6 pm (CEST)
Experts and C-level managers in the games industry are invited to join us for this very special networking opportunity.
  • devcom Sunset Mixer Party | Mon, Aug 21 – 8 pm (CEST) - On-Site Piazza
All devcom attendees are invited to gather on Monday evening on the devcom piazza for an ice cold beer or a refreshing soft drink.
  • devcom FLINTA* Meetup | Tue, Aug 22
We’ll be hosting the 2nd edition of the FLINTA* (* Female, Lesbian, Intersexual, Non-binary, Transgender, Agender) Meetup as a safe space to meet and talk to other “non-cis male” individuals from the game developing world.
  • devcom Pitch it! Mixer | Tue, Aug 22 – 5 pm (CEST)
Included in the business pass and above, exclusively for developers, publishers and investors we offer this special networking event in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • devcom Developer Night | Tue, Aug 22 – 8 pm (CEST) - TBA Club location
devcom Developer Night brings the #ddc2023 conference part to an end and provides a segue to gamescom.
  • devcom Run Club | Mon, Aug 21 & Tue, Aug 22 – 8 am (CEST)
We invite you to the devcom Run Club: join us for a jogging tour around Cologne for a fresh and dynamic start in a long conference day.
  • Industry & Exhibitor Party | Thu, Aug 24 – 8 pm (CEST) – Rheinterrassen

The exclusive gamescom industry party is the ideal setting for consolidating existing contacts and making new ones in a relaxed atmosphere at the top event of the games industry.

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