Blackout Protocol Opens Closed Betav

Ocean Drive Studio kicks off the year with its second game, Blackout Protocol, and opens the first Closed Beta on Steam.

Blackout Protocol Opens Closed Betav

The brand new roguelite twin-stick shooter’s closed beta takes place exclusively on Steam from 2 PM (Pacific) on January 12th to 2 PM on the 16th and will continue to take new signups during the beta period on the Blackout Protocol Steam store page.

Blackout Protocol will launch on Steam’s Early Access Game program in the first half of 2023 where the studio will continue its philosophy of shaping the game with players’ feedback as demonstrated with the launch of Lost Eidolons. This closed beta invites the testers to play the entirety of the Early Access opening day content and is therefore run with the intention to confirm the game is both stable enough and its core gameplay fun enough to bring to the public.

Dong Soo Oh, Creative Director, shares: “We are brimming with ideas for future update content during live service. But it is imperative that we verify the fundamentals of the game through this beta test. If the game has a lot of technical issues that render the game unplayable, if the core combat isn’t up to par with other shooters, if the roguelite progression isn’t strong enough, what good are content updates? So we ask that our players play and give us as much feedback as possible to ensure we have the fundamentals down before we bring it to Early Access.”

Check out the new Blackout Protocol game information video:
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