Game Type DX Out Today PS4/PS5

Mommy's Best Games (MBG), the out-there Indie game developer, is releasing its pulse-pounding, high-score shoot’em up Game Type DX today to PlayStation 4 and 5.

Game Type DX Out Today PS4/PS5

Game Type DX is a score-attack shoot-em up with a speed-boosting twist. Help Hoodie Girl fight the evil MediaBall's inane advertisements! Each time you beat a level, the speed and difficulty increase! Originally released as a protest against Microsoft’s terrible dashboard update in 2011 on Xbox 360, and now, remastered and enhanced for modern consoles. Cruise down a fascinating hall of gaming history, while blasting some unusual baddies.

Lead Designer Nathan Fouts remarks “I’m thrilled because the PS4 is still one of my main systems I play at home. I love jumping on and quickly playing a few sessions of Game Type DX at lunch and going for a new high-score.”

Fouts continues “I worked extra hard to add several new modes and enemies to enhance the DX version. I think the additional ‘3-minute mode’ is my favorite as you can quickly iterate for a new high score and try out new paths in the levels.”

Tumultuous Gaming History

Game Type was originally released for the Xbox 360. Back then, the menu system called the “Dashboard” would be updated every few months. This system controlled how games were purchased on the Xbox 360. One particularly bad update left indie games almost impossible to find.

Mommy’s Best Games created Game Type as a protest against the dashboard update and a way to bring attention to the issue. Game Type ended up helping, and a new dashboard update was quickly released. The release changed the menu layout for the better, making indie games reasonable to discover again.

All-New DX Content

Now, over a decade later, Mommy’s Best Games releases Game Type DX replete with enhancements including new levels, enemies, and power-ups.

There are several new game modes included. One of the most intriguing game modes is aptly named “Surprise!”. In it players are treated to a random assortment of level segments with all new challenges to surmount. Their particular level arrangement then increases in speed each time the player completes it in a single run. The player receives help with the addition of several types of power-ups including those for shooting power, score, and damage. There are even wacky power-downs the player must avoid, or possibly take as they discover the patterns of the game. There are nearly 40 level segments with multiple new enemy types for players to discover in the all-new “Surprise!” mode.

Available Today on PlayStation 4 and 5

The PlayStation 4 and 5 version is now available today on the PS Store.

The Xbox One version is available now on the Xbox Store.

The Nintendo Switch is now available on the NA store and EU store.
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