Bilbao International Games Conference 2022

The Bilbao International Games Conference (BIG Conference) announces today its line up of speakers and conferences. The former Fun & Serious Game Festival will be held during November 18-19 at the Bilbao Exhibition Center as a 100% physical event, focused and addressed to industry professionals. All of these speakers will also take part in the networking activities, meeting the attendees and indie developers in 1-to-1 meetings and scouting indie games.

Bilbao International Games Conference 2022

Amongst its key speakers, the BIG Conference is happy to announce that Alden Kroll (designer at Valve) will talk about everything that developers need to know to successfully publish their games on Steam. The head of Game Tech Sales at Amazon Tech Sales Alexis Dahan will share the importance of having a good infrastructure to support your game's release, and finally we have Johan Toresson (Raw Fury) who will join Yves Le Yaouanq (Chief Content Officer at Focus Entertainment), Julia Kelly (Head of Scouting at Thunderful Games) and Chris Wulf (Product Manager at Fellow Traveller) at a round table about publishing and company and IP acquisition.

The BIG Conference will also have a few speakers sharing their success stories. Nicolai Troshinsky, from Nerial, will talk about Card Shark; Paul Taaks, from Overhype Studios, will do the same about Battle Brothers whereas Gareth Damien Martin, from Jump Over the Age, will share his experience with Citizen Sleeper with the challenges of being a solo dev.

Rosie Ball, producer at Chucklefish, will hold a talk about branding in video games, whereas Mauricio Garcia, CEO at The Game Kitchen, will dissect the successful Kickstarter campaign of its latest game, All on Board!. José María Martínez and Nerea Yurrebase, from TellmeWow, will share their expertise about casual gaming from their Bilbao-based company.

All these names join the already confirmed speakers, such as Claudia Trujillo, ASO expert at Gameloft Barcelona, Luis Oliván, founder at Fictiorama; Lucía Prieto, community manager at Crema Gamnes. You can check the entire line-up in this link.


Tickets to attend the Bilbao International Games Conference are now on sale. You can check the official website to check all the details. 

Last, but not least, the Bilbao Indie Games (BIG) Contest aims to distinguish, award and promote creativity and innovation in the independent video games development scene. BIG Contest will economically support creators in two categories: the Most Innovative Game Award as weel as the Best Basque Game Award. There will also be a Best Student Game Award. The rules are available in this link.
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