WhisperGames at gamescom

Publisher WhisperGames has expanded their roster of games during their latest Gamescom showcase. From updates on recently released titles like tERRORbane to the upcoming Squad 51 vs.The Flying Saucers and new game reveals for 2023, the China-based publisher has a lot in store for players over the coming months.

WhisperGames at gamescom

Turn Aliens to Space Rubble in Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucers this September
Vanquish waves of incoming aliens ships and boss battles in Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucers, a 2D shoot ‘em up launching this September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Follow Lieutenant Kaya and her team of rebels as they go on a mission to stop the evil extraterrestrial group Vega Corporation from taking over Earth.

For more details you can watch the trailer here and request a review key when they’re available. View the press kit here.

Big voices and new languages arriving in Latest tERRORbane Update
Released back in April, comedic adventure game tERRORbane is getting some brand new voiceovers including the iconic voice of Tomokazu Sugita (Persona 5, Fire Emblem) for the game’s Japanese version, as well as new voiceovers in Italian and Chinese Mandarin. New language support is also being released in Traditional Chinese and Russian. Exploit bugs and glitches as a play tester trying out a JRPG inspired game from The Developer, who claims his game is the best ever made (who’s gonna tell him about all the bugs?).

tERRORbane is currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Watch the launch trailer here and request a review key. View the press kit here.

Time and Fate Are Your Friends in 2D Action RPG Astlibra Revision
How would it feel to be transported to a world with no humans but filled with talking birds (what kind of fever dream is that)? 2D action RPG Astlibra Revision tasks players with overcoming massive boss battles, scouring for rare equipment, and experiencing a story of the main character finding his way back home.

Astlibra Revision launches on PC this fall. Watch some gameplay footage here. View the press kit here.

Play as the Greek God Dionysus in Point & Click Adventure Game The Frogs
Survive awful puns and break the fourth wall in The Frogs, a point and click adventure game based on the Greek play by Aristophanes. Presented in visuals inspired by Renaissance artwork, choose how the story unfolds and navigate puzzles of ancient proportions.

The Frogs leaps onto PC in 2023. Watch the trailer here. View the press kit here.

Venture Through a Sci-Fi World in 2.5D Sidescroller Xearz
Set in a sci-fi world where telling the difference between humans and AI is impossible (what Black Mirror episode is this?), Xearz is a 2.5D sidescroller with Metroidvania elements. Take on rogue AI enemies and explore maps that branch out to reveal hidden items and secrets. A boss battle is always around the corner.

Xearz launches on PC in 2023. Watch the trailer here.
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