Promised Land Art Festival 2022

Promised Land Open Day is an accompanying event to the creative-industry-professionals-oriented Promised Land Art Festival, which also returns this year to Łódź, Poland. The event will be fully offline and will take place in the EC1 building complex — a former power station, modernized and now serving as a center for culture and science.

Promised Land Art Festival 2022

A host of attractions awaits Open Day participants, including panels and lectures from industry professionals and invited guests as they share their experiences of having worked on some of the biggest video games, films, animations, and other pieces of popular culture — as well as a discussion panel from mentees who took part in CD PROJEKT RED and Perspektywy Education Foundation’s Girls in the Game! initiative. Renowned comic book artist Grzegorz Rosiński has also confirmed his presence. Participants will have the chance to meet the artist and watch his process during live illustration sessions.

Other attractions include portfolio reviews hosted by veteran artists, an excellent opportunity to glean ideas about further artistic development within the industry. Recruiters from the game development sector will also be available to discuss beginning a career in the industry, while Promised Land’s technological partners will host presentations of the latest technology powering the creative industry.

Open Day tickets are available at the price of 30 PLN. Anyone wishing to participate in the event can buy them through the dedicated page. Promised Land Art Festival ticket owners will be able to visit Open Day at no extra charge. While some content may be available in English, Open Day and its attractions will mostly be presented in Polish.

Promised Land Open Day and Promised Land Art Festival are organized by CD PROJEKT RED in collaboration with the city of Łódź, Poland and EC1 Łódź — City of Culture. This year’s media partner is Polsat Games.

More information about the festival and Open Day can be found on the event’s official website.
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