Survival shooter Lost Light brings Stress-Free PvE & Progression

Distinguished from conventional shooter game with classical elements like intense combats and last-man-standing, survival shooter mobile game Lost Light of NetEase Games is bringing players refreshing shooting experience by integrating the PvPvE and progression mechanism.

Survival shooter Lost Light brings Stress-Free PvE & Progression

With over 4 million players worldwide, Lost Light consistently ranks among the Top 50 Trending New Games on Google Play.

Realistic Warfare: Survival, Warfare, and Progression

The story of Lost Light is set in the late 2040s. As a member of the Firefly Squad, players are tasked with surviving a post-apocalyptic exclusion zone to uncover a sinister plot. Gameplay revolves around survival, warfare, and progression, and in the exclusion zone, the maxim "the greater the risks, the bigger the rewards." holds true. During the story, NPCs will give players guidance on how to build up their characters and unlock different achievements.

PvE + Progression = Stress-Free Fun

In Lost Light, players don't have to suffer the stress of PvP, but rather enjoy the thrill of PvE. The system analyzes the Kill/Death ratio and other stats of a player's recent matches. It then generates a fair number of AIs of comparable skill levels with a variety of weapons. The AIs are no slouch either, and have mastered every trick in the book; be it shooting prone, accurately lobbing grenades, or staging an ambush. Their performance is nothing short of incredible, providing players with a truly breathtaking gaming experience.

In terms of progression, players can use looted supplies to upgrade their shelter or trade them on the in-game Black Market for a profit. Nothing needs to be wasted. There is also no social pressure whatsoever, players can enjoy the game the way they most feel comfortable. Furthermore, players can increase their physical skill levels and stack buffs by engaging in combat. There is a variety of interesting gameplay waiting for players to explore.

More Than One Winner

Although Lost Light is a shooting game, the objective is not about "Fight to the Bitter End", but rather "Escape to Win". Players can choose to be lone wolves, or they can "Rescue" other players and form a temporary alliance during a match. The quick team-up feature also lets players ask a friend for help if they're stuck. Completing a mission has never been this stress-free!

Diverse Firearm Customization

You can't talk about a shooting game without mentioning firearms, and Lost Light has got players covered with a rich firearm customization system suitable for both pros and beginners. Each firearm supports over 12 modifiable parts and hundreds of components to choose from. Countless setups are waiting for pros to discover, while beginners can benefit from preset loadouts of various budgets to quickly get into the action.

The shooting game market has been segmented over the past few years, and survival games are especially trending. There are plenty of games with the ultimate objective of escape, such as Escape from Tarkov and Arena Breakout. However, if you are looking for a stress-free PvE experience with a good sense of progression, Lost Light is the game for you.

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