NACON launches PRO Series of RIG Gaming Headsets across Europe

NACON, a major player in the design and distribution of video games and gaming accessories, today announced the launch of the RIG PRO Series Gaming Headsets in its European markets. The PRO Series comprises of nine headsets from the popular 300 PRO, 500 PRO, and 800 PRO ranges and will be available from this autumn 2022.

NACON launches PRO Series of RIG Gaming Headsets across Europe

“It’s great to be able to launch the next generation of PRO headsets in Europe, that offers gamers many options to suit their play style,” said NACON Global Business Director for RIG, Gregory Morquin. “We also wanted to deliver a significant upgrade to the popular 800 Series of wireless headsets by adding a unique charge dock with a removeable USB wireless adaptor. The entire PRO series gives players audio performance to help them play better at an incredible price.”

RIG 300 PRO300 PRO HS for PlayStation, available in black or white: 29,99€ / 24,99£
300 PRO HX for Xbox, available in black or white: 29,99€ / 24,99£
300 PRO HN for Nintendo Switch: 29,99€ / 24,99£Gamers can now play better for longer with the uncompromising performance of the RIG 300 PRO. Precision tuned 40mm drivers provide premiere audio while oversized, noise-isolating ear cups provide signature RIG comfort. Also featuring a boom microphone which can be flipped up discreetly for easy storage and an easy-to-reach inline controls to mute and adjust volume. Built for extreme durability, the 300 PRO features a virtually unbreakable modular design that is lightweight and ideal for those long gaming sessions. Gamers can find their perfect fit with a small, medium and large adjustable sizing.
The RIG 300 PRO is available for the Nintendo Switch (HN), PS5 and PS4 (HS), Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One (HX). All models are also compatible across other consoles, as well as PC and mobile devices with the universal 3.5mm connector.

Please find assets for the RIG 300 PRO here.

RIG 500 PRO GEN 2500 PRO HC GEN 2, for consoles, available in black or white: 79,99€ / 69,99£
500 PRO HA GEN 2, for PC: 79,99€ / 69,99£The RIG 500 PRO Gen 2 takes everything gamers love about the first generation 500 PRO and adds a few upgrades, including a comfort-enhanced steel headband that is both highly durable and flexible while also being lightweight. Additionally, RIG’s signature exoskeleton earcup design isolates low distortion 50mm drivers that have been specifically tuned for immersive game audio.
The 500 PRO HC and 500 PRO HA are precisely tuned for 3D Game Audio and includes a 2-year Dolby Atmos®* activation code enabling gamers to react faster and more accurately as they can detect the distance and direction of threats.

RIG 500 PRO HC is compatible across consoles, as well as PC and mobile devices with its universal 3.5mm connector. The 500 PRO HA is designed for PC and includes a y-adaptor and is also compatible across all consoles.

RIG 800 PRO800 PRO HS, for PlayStation: 199,99€ / 199,99£
800 PRO HX, for Xbox: 199,99€ / 199,99£
800 PRO HD, for PC: 199,99€ / 199,99£With an all-new, multifunction base station, the 800 PRO provides gamers with lag-free wireless audio as well as seamless charging. The base station also comes equipped with a removable USB wireless adaptor that can be plugged directly into a console, allowing the stand to be placed anywhere for convenient charging.
Alongside the base station, the 800 PRO features RIG signature premium audio with powerful 40mm drivers that have been precisely tuned for 3D audio. Available in three models, the 800 PRO HS is designed for PlayStation®, the RIG 800 PRO HX is officially licensed for Xbox® and the 800 PRO HD is designed for PC. The 800 PRO HD and 800 PRO HX includes Dolby Atmos® for Headphones. Gamers can experience three-dimensional precision audio by simply connecting the dock or USB wireless adaptor to the PC or to the Xbox console.

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