How to Avoid Being Banned for Buying FIFA Coins

 All players should have an equal chance of winning in games. Cheating, phishing, hacking, and anything else that gives you an advantage ruins the game experience for everyone. There is no reason to do it. Keeping your account sound is vital, so now let’s take a whole view of that sort of thing.

How to Avoid Being Banned for Buying FIFA Coins

Reasons for Getting Banned

We all want to provide a hand to a buddy, but gifting FUT coins isn't the proper method. It is against the policies to distribute coins to your pals in this way.

If you transfer coins to or from another player through the FUT Transfer Market rather than utilizing it to purchase a FUT item properly, you violate the rules.

This might imply that you successfully bought a FUT item to transfer coins from the account to another account, or that you sold a FUT item to another account to get the coins.

Another technique of distributing coins is through giveaways. For instance, if you subscribe and the cheated gamer or the wrong website gives you coins. Never do it! It contravenes the policies.

Additionally, the rule is having numerous accounts and transferring coins and Items to the primary account.

Why We Need coins

We need FIFA coins to buy packs. Packs are random, sometimes, you might get something useful, don’t buy expensive packs instead, try to stick with Bronze and Silver packs as you decide which cards to keep for your squad, which to sell on the market, and which to hold onto for the time being and sell for more money later. Likewise, pay attention to the cards that are put up for sale. You could hit it rich if you have an eye for a deal and a little luck. Once you've built a strong foundation via playing, finding such deals is the key to developing a bank.

You can use your coins effectively to build the best Ultimate Team squad as well planned.

Tips to Avoid Getting Banned

Nowadays, more and more people are stuck in inaccurate operations in or after the act of purchasing the coins they need to think it over and still get ambiguous about the right step to avoid risks just take action as follows.

Buy in Small Quantities, Buy in Batches

Most often than not, EA bans the seller's account instead of the buyer's account. However, there is at least a 3% possibility of being suspended. In order to prevent overspending on FIFA 22 coins, it is imperative to do so. You may lessen your chances of being detected by avoiding making large purchases.

Immediately Use After Purchase

It is necessary to use the FIFA coins as soon as possible after purchasing them. The sooner you use coins, the lower your risk of getting banned from the FIFA game. You should therefore make sure that your FIFA account does not contain any coins.

Choose Legit Sites

Responsible sites such as U7buy, G2G, and Buymmog offer secured coins. By the way, with Buymmog, you'll be able to purchase coins quickly and securely since it specialized in selling FUT.

Buying EA digital coins from unlicensed vendors carries several hazards. You may safeguard both yourself and your account by using the following information.

You run the risk of having your account and personal information compromised when you attempt to purchase from some unlicensed merchants. At worst, illegal websites could be phishing for your money or EA Account information. This may lead to losing access to your account or unauthorized use of your payment information.

Secondly, study and compare pricing for the game you wish to purchase from various sites. An offer is often untrue if it sounds too good to be true. Coins are frequently sold at far lower costs on illegal websites, which are not eligible. We want you to have the greatest possible experience, if you buy EA digital items from an illegal source, we won't be able to help you out.


Buy coins on legal websites like U7buy, G2G, and, which can guarantee your privacy and property, so you don't need to worry about making a purchase. Among the many trusted as it can assure you that your private information will be used only for delivery purposes. Its live support team is available 7*24 hours. With Buymmog you could receive a service in exchange for coins like FUT coins, which have more advantages
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