Out Now in Rogue Company: Vertigo Map & Narrative Event

Out Now in Rogue Company: Vertigo Map & Narrative Event

Today in the ‘Rogues Rising’ update, Rogue Company reaches new heights with its new map, Vertigo. Additionally, Juke’s Gambit, the first narrative event, takes players deeper into the game’s universe, while a multitude of quality-of-life features are making their debut.

Be cautious of pitfalls and crossfires in Vertigo. Our Rogues are sent to this newly discovered Jackal outpost built upon a cliff face, in retaliation to the latest assault from their nemesis organization.

With a larger footprint, interconnecting paths and overlapping ziplines, Vertigo makes for a dynamic and fast-paced style tailored for 4v4 modes, such as Skirmish Dodgeball and Skirmish Team Deathmatch.

First Narrative Event: Juke’s Gambit

The community has been asking to know more about those flamboyant Rogues and the colorful world they live in. Today, Rogue Company presents its first narrative event, Juke’s Gambit – entirely free for all players.

Completing in-match objectives unlocks cosmetics, plus new narrative chapters in Juke’s Gambit. Players will get to explore the many facets of a mysterious character, Juke, and should expect considerable revelations about the true impact of Jackal’s recent attack on the Meltdown base…

New Features

Rogue Company continues the Project Saint initiative, improving player experience through bug fixes and quality-of-life novelties.

First of those, a stylish MVP line-up now showcases the three best Rogues at the end of every match. Also aiming at more recognition of player performance, new scoreboards better reflect metrics that players care about and have been tailored to the different game modes. In addition, the elimination count has been reworked.

Immersion plays a big part in the Rogue Company experience. Out today as the latest improvement, the in-match music is now dynamic, adapting to the current beats of the action to better highlight all the intense moments.

Finally, a bunch of splendid Rogue Outfits joined the shop, including the graceful but deadly Twisted Thorn Switchblade.

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