AirConsole and Ludium Lab make cloud gaming more accessible

With the global cloud-gaming market expected to reach 349.4 million users by 2025, it is no surprise that cloud-gaming companies are finding innovative ideas to grow within the industry. Ludium Lab and AirConsole are partnering up to increase the accessibility of cloud gaming to a more casual audience of gamers on Smart TVs, TV set top boxes and the web.

AirConsole and Ludium Lab make cloud gaming more accessible

Sora Stream by Ludium Lab is a cloud-gaming platform that allows users to play casual and hardcore games on TV, web, tablet and smartphones. Through the partnership with AirConsole, Sora Stream users are now seamlessly enabled to mimic traditional console gaming by using their smartphone as a controller. The AirConsole games are built from the ground up with the idea to use smartphones as gamepads. AirConsole's innovative technology offers a stepping stone for users that want to subscribe to a cloud gaming platform while not even owning a game controller. With AirConsole games, Ludium can provide their best in class cloud technology and won't have to ship gamepads to their users for them to start their gaming experience.

"We are excited about this new partnership with Ludium and their platform Sora Stream as it will allow our game catalog to be played by new audiences on new devices that were previously too weak to run our games," says Anthony Cliquot, AirConsole's Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the development of new strategic partnerships at the Swiss gaming company. "Not only this agreement will excite end users but also strategic partners in the telecom, Tv hardware space, and other cloud gaming companies as we are increasing the accessibility of cloud gaming by allowing users that don't own gamepads to play on their TVs."

This integration is perfectly timed to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to Ludium Lab & AirConsole users, enhanced by next-generation devices. AirConsole will bring a rich catalog of over 100 games to the Sora Stream platform, with countless competitive and collaborative local multiplayer games to challenge their friends or family in the living room. The AirConsole experience is already available on the web, Huawei TV, Amazon FireTV, Android TV and selected TV operators worldwide.

"For Ludium it is a clear opportunity of offering a new different approach in cloud gaming. We are very proud of this agreement with such an amazing company as AirConsole. They complement our existing offer with a more solid proposal that will be perfect for all kinds of users, especially families and casual gamers that want to play to enjoy, without any restriction of devices or hardware," says David Pavón, Global Sales and Content Director at Ludium Lab.

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