Love Island The Game 2

Fusebox Games, a global leader in narrative driven mobile games, recently released the latest in its hugely successful mobile series, Love Island The Game 2, with the game building on its previous success of the franchise.

Love Island The Game 2

Love Island The Game 2, brings people’s favourite stories to life in the palms of their hands. With three successful and interactive seasons since 2018, enjoyed by more than 25 million players around the world, Fusebox Games has committed itself to giving fans an even more immersive experience, with several exciting new features added to the latest game.

Love Island The Game 2 has entered straight into the top of the charts on the UK App Store for Role Playing Games (no.8 at the time of publishing), with x1.5 improvement on retention, compared to the previous title, Love Island Series 3. Overall, Love Island The Game stories have seen over 20M installs, with the customisable marketplace seeing over 10M sales of virtual outfits.

With 18 new hot and diverse Islanders, building your dream summer romance is now a virtual reality. By either befriending, coupling up or creating drama with their fellow Islanders, players can develop their own unique narratives to find love and beat the competition. Additional new features include:

Fully animated, live-motion characters
  • Dedicated Islander gallery for players wanting a deep-dive into their favourite Islander’s backgrounds
  • Rewards and requests system offering exclusive extras such as outfits, jewellery and in-game currency
  • Brand new inbox feature that allows players to receive in-game updates and notifications about game-related news, rewards and special promotions
  • The wardrobe, a firm fan-favourite, also makes a return in Love Island The Game 2. The new and improved wardrobe is a dedicated section where players can customise their characters’ appearance for different occasions, with access to a brand-new range of outfits and accessories. This includes 38 new outfits, a variety of new hairstyles, jewellery and accessories. Additions to the wardrobe can be unlocked through completing challenges and progressing through the story, with some premium items available to purchase separately.

Wil Stephens, Founder and CEO of Fusebox Games, said: “Fans have been waiting a long time for our next Love Island title and we’re delighted to be offering them a brand new and improved experience. We know that our players love the Love Island narratives and with so many new features for them to enjoy, we can’t wait to see them continue to engage with the latest storylines.”

Players can download Love Island The Game 2 on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now:
Google Play Store
App Store

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