TwelveSky 2: Expansion to Deity

TwelveSky 2 (“Karahan”), developed by Bega Games and published by Genius Orc Entertainment, released the opening to a new level stage ‘Deity’ on December 16th. Players have requested this expansion for more than a month, but the developers wanted to wait until there was enough players ready for this next stage and the new dungeon ‘Labyrinth’.

TwelveSky 2: Expansion to Deity

Labyrinth is content that is to open after the Deity and is known as the first Raid-type dungeon in TwelveSky 2.
Up to 100 players from each clan can enter the dungeon to kill boss monsters inside the Labyrinth.

It requires more cooperation and as such, players confront more challenges, but they also gain more EXP and rewards compared to fields and other normal dungeons which make it popular among game fans.

Also, the game opens the new login rewards and new products in the item mall with this update to provide players sufficient gear. You can check more details about it from the link below:

Official Website:
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