Exo One is out now on PC & Xbox

Australian solo developer Exbleative and indie publisher Future Friends Games have announced that the interplanetary adventure Exo One is out now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & Game Pass.

Exo One is out now on PC & Xbox

Exo One is a gravity-defying, interplanetary journey through space and time. Master a truly alien traversal system and move through enigmatic and desolate alien landscapes in ways you've never experienced. Use gravity and momentum to reach colossal speeds and exhilarating heights. Ride thermal updrafts into boiling cloud formations, careen down hillsides and launch off mountain tops, all the time drifting toward the shining blue beam on the horizon.

Atmospheric, diffused visuals are merged with otherworldly sound effects and a hypnotic electric guitar soundtrack. Open a wormhole and experience mankind's first journey outside the solar system.

"I love sci-fi and space - I grew up watching Star Trek with my brother, then battling him for the PC so we could play whatever the latest game was we were hopelessly addicted to” said Jay Weston, creator of Exo One ”So to create a planet-hopping sci-fi space adventure with my own story, art, sounds and game mechanics feels pretttty great!"


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