Hi-Rez Showcase 2022 and SMITE World Championship Announced for January

Hi-Rez announces its yearly major event, Hi-Rez Showcase 2022, will be held online on January 6-9 featuring esports thrills, a keynote address and community celebrations around the studio’s popular titles SMITE, Paladins, and Rogue Company, enjoyed by 100 million players worldwide.

Hi-Rez Showcase 2022 and SMITE World Championship Announced for January

Check out the announcement trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6S-n3c_jbs

SMITE World Championship

During Hi-Rez Showcase 2022, hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world are expected to tune into the SMITE World Championship (SWC). This is SMITE’s yearly esports culmination where the best professional players face off in a fierce single-elimination tournament for the most coveted honor of the season—Thor’s Hammer, the World Champion title and a juicy cash prize.

This seat-grabbing competition concludes the SMITE Pro League (SPL) whose top 2 teams will auto-qualify while others will have to battle through the placement rounds.

"This season of SMITE esports has been insanely competitive”, says Auverin Morrow, Esports Brand Manager. “We've seen some incredible matches so far, and the SMITE World Championship is shaping up to be an off-the-chart nail biter. We hope our community will join us as we crown our next champions."

This time, the still ongoing SPL Season 8 is using an unprecedented structure. All eight teams, such as the Atlantis Leviathans and the Valhalla Valkyries, are owned and operated by Hi-Rez. This has led to major improvements to league sustainability, pro players’ revenue opportunities, and overall quality of life.

This Season is also the first on the Living Conquest map. SMITE’s most competitive and esports-oriented map, Conquest, receives quarterly updates with unique gameplay and visual twists, bringing freshness to the action. The latest iteration is coming right up this October depicting the Battleground of the Gods in the heart of Winter—a theme long-requested by the community.

Community celebration

"Hi-Rez has always been fueled by our community,” says Jennifer Kim, Senior Publishing Producer and Hi-Rez Showcase Coordinator. “While we have to be physically apart for a little longer, we still hope to have an exciting time celebrating our favorite games together. Hi-Rez Showcase 2022 should have something for everyone, whether that's panels, cosplay, talking to developers, and more."

As part of Hi-Rez Showcase 2022, the Hi-Rez Presents keynote will provide fans with all kinds of exciting announcements and reveals about Hi-Rez games for the near future.

More than ever, Hi-Rez Showcase 2022 is held in the spirit of inclusivity. As a fully digital event, it allows fans everywhere in the US and in the rest of the world to enjoy its full flavor.

For all three Hi-Rez games, Twitch Drops are enabled for any streamer rebroadcasting the show to their own communities for a more personal experience.

The 8th edition of the beloved annual Cosplay Contest will be held and accompanied with a $8,500 prize pool. Cosplayers of all levels are welcome, as the contest is split into Masters and Journeyman divisions.

Finally, all fans can collaborate directly with the designers to imagine a new SMITE God or Paladins Champion through dedicated workshops. Also scheduled are online panels and Meet & Greets where fans can chat with developers, pro players, and content creators.

For more information visit www.hirez.com and www.smitegame.com
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