Black Desert Mobile Welcomes new Mystic Class

Black Desert Mobile Welcomes new Mystic Class

Pearl Abyss announced that the new female Mystic class is now available in Black Desert Mobile. Players can also tackle the brand new world boss named Khan and enjoy a host of in-game events that celebrate Mystic’s arrival.

You can watch her class preview video here

Mystic is a brawler who uses her fists and feet to beat enemies with powerful and precise strikes. Her main weapon is Cestus, and her sub-weapon is Vambrace. Even though she has the mighty power of the dragon’s blessing, she is not a ‘heavy hitter.’ She shows deadly skills through the combination of attacks and amazing speed.

Mystic Skills

Dragon Punch - Strike at your enemy's chest to deliver a powerful, concentrated blow.
Dragon's Breath - Summon the Blue Dragon to deal damage to surrounding enemies while slowing their movement.
Flying Axe Kick - Jump towards your opponent and deliver a powerful spin kick.

To celebrate its release, special rewards will be given to Adventurers who level up their Mystic to level 70. Players receive valuable in-game items such as Mystic’s Desert Camouflage outfit, a level 60 Character Generator Coupon, a Tier-5 Pet, 1000 Black Pearls, and an abyssal accessory chest.

Adventurers will be pleased to learn that a new challenge awaits them in the form of a new world boss named Khan, a new, gigantic and menacing monster that lurks beneath the waters.

Khan has been called the Master of the Ocean from the moment it was born. It has a body that is larger than an island and scales that shine beneath the ocean under the moonlight. It is said, the reason Khan wakes up from a long sleep is because of its anger towards humans who have been blessed by Oquilla.

Adventurers can get in-game items for slaying Khan that can be used for shipbuilding. Items include Khan's Scale, Tear of the Goddess, Cannons, and Iron Bow Frame.

Additionally, the Ramoness finals, a 3v3 PvP tournament event, was a rousing success that met tremendous reaction from the Black Desert Mobile community. 20,000 viewers witnessed Plantir (North America) and Falcons (Europe) to win the tournament in style. Both winners received 50,000 pearls, the Ramoness Champion title, a Gold Ramoness Crown, a Black-Caped Puppy, and the Ramoness Black Spirit Trophy. You can rewatch the North American final here and the European final here.
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