Mionix PRO editions

Mionix PRO editions

Mionix finally releases the new PRO EDITIONS! They are fully upgraded versions of our classics: NAOS, CASTOR and AVIOR!

Shape is everything, and the award winning ergonomic design has always been the pride of Mionix - so why change that? We decided to craft our mice with the best quality components to compete on the highest level, but also make them available to everyone.

- The ergonomic designs we are renowned for.
- The optimizable PMW-3370 sensor with 19 000 DPI and 400 IPS.
- Super durable 80 million click switches from Kailh.
- A 1.8m ultra-flexible braided cable.
- Low friction mouse feet made with 100% PTFE.
- A distinct scroll feeling with the Alps encoder.
- Customizable settings and optimizations in the software.
They are also releasing a new set of ALIOTH mouse/desk pads!

They come in sizes starting with Medium, all the way to the insanely large 4XL! Water resistant, stitched edges and with a 3mm thick, smooth surface just as it should be. We decided for a minimal print so that the surface is fully optimized for your gaming requirements.

Everything is available worldwide today at mionix.net
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