Evercade VS Retro Gaming Console

Evercade VS Retro Gaming Console

Evercade VS expands the possibilities or Retro Gaming at home. Using the Evercade Cartridge infrastructure, the VS can have two carts simultaneously, expanding the available playable game library to up to 40 games at any one time. The Evercade Family has over 260 fully licensed games available and is continuing to grow with full support for all existing and upcoming Cartridges. The VS will allow for support for up to four players with Evercade Game Controllers or other USB Game Controllers.

Evercade VS is one of the most powerful mini retro gaming consoles in the market and the first to output native 1080p Full HD resolutions. The Quad Core 1.5 Ghz processor will power a brand new user interface and the best available emulation for consoles and arcade titles.

Evercade VS Retro Gaming Console

The Evercade Family features the best in class emulation for classic consoles and arcade machines. With WiFi capability, the console can receive updates to firmware, games and operational improvements without needing to connect to a computer or use any external devices.

The new Evercade VS can have up to four players simultaneously. The new Evercade controller helps to expand the capability of games with all the great features of the handheld with its highly acclaimed D-Pad and four button X/Y/A/B controls and new expanded bumper controls with L1/L2/R1/R2 to support 90s controls schemes.

The Evercade Family is ready for home gaming with multiple games already available with two player support and more coming. The new console will allow the use of any USB controllers, including wireless dongles. You can even use the Evercade Handheld console as a controller with a special Red USB Cable (Sold Separately).

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