Wolcen Chronicle1’s first content update: Bloodstorm

Wolcen Chronicle1’s first content update: Bloodstorm

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem will receive the first free downloadable content update for Chronicle1: Bloodtrail on Steam today.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem launched on the 13th of February 2020 and gathered more than a million players that will discover and take part in the story of the Children of Heimlock, split into three Chapters, before experiencing an end game experience in the Champion of Stormfall mode. Wolcen allows for a Classless progression powered by a rotating Passive Skill Tree called the Gate of Fates, a high amount of gear, gems and reagents, as well as dozens of Skills, all customizable through active and passive modifiers.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem peaked at 127,542 concurrent players on Steam at launch, and reached Top 3 games played on Twitch earlier this year. With 1M+ units sold in 3 weeks after launch and a global top seller on Steam, the team at Wolcen Studio worked very hard to bring 17 updates to the game, in order to fix as many issues as possible.

After releasing its first Chronicle : Bloodtrail, adding New Endgame Stories, Events, Rewards, Boss, Buildings and Missions, as well as New Features such as pets and Loot Filter, it is now time for the first Content Update of this Chronicle: Bloodstorm.

New Environments : 4 new environments, as well as 13 new variants for existing environments will be playable in the End Game expeditions, allowing more diversity and thematic ambiances for players to try and defeat the highest tiers of difficulty, speaking of these tiers..

30 New difficulty levels have been added to the End Game expeditions, players can now compete with enemies that are more powerful than ever, for higher experience and chances of loot.

While Pets in Wolcen are only a cosmetic feature obtainable by playing the campaign and the Champion of Stormfall narrative missions, we’ve listened to the feedback from our players, they will now automatically fetch gold dropping from monsters, chests and destructible environments.

Damage Type Modifiers : Every skill in Wolcen can be customized, from a simple damage boost, to a whole new behavior, via the modifiers. In Bloodstorm, we added 7 new damage type modifiers, allowing skills like Havoc Orb to be converted to Fire damage, or Warpath to Sacred damage. On top of these additions, the Damage Type modifiers for all skills do not cost any points to use anymore, instead of the three (3) they used to cost, allowing players to better customize their builds by having more points to assign to other modifiers.

The Dodge Roll has also been improved, it can now go through enemies by default. The Gate of Fates node that used to allow that has thus been replaced by a node called “Evasion Velocity”, which grants a 50% movespeed buff for 1.5s after performing a dodge roll.

Visual updates and improvements have been made for Annihilation, Anomaly, Mark of Impurity and Tear of Etheliel and their 13 damage type variants. The visual effects of some Monsters have also been improved.

Speaking of Monsters, a new Underling is making its debut in Wolcen, The Purifier Warhound, while 7 other monsters have had their animations improved.

Bloodstorm also comes with its fair share of Balancing, focused on improving some of the underperforming Skills to allow more build diversity throughout the game, both during the Story and the End Game.

Wolcen Studio’s teams have worked very hard for months since the release of the game in February, to bring 17 updates in order to fix bugs, balancing issues and improve performances & servers, this is the first Content Update for our first Chronicle, and although there will be more to come, improving the core of the game remains a priority and something we work on every day.

Wolcen Studio will continue to develop and bring even more free updates in the future.

This is only the beginning of this journey to bring the game where our community wants it to be.

Thank you for supporting us through this amazing adventure.

From 18:00 CET, April 1st 2021, Bloodstorm will be available on Steam for free for every player. And for those who might not have given Wolcen a chance yet, now is the time, since we are doing a -30% Sale on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, starting today and ending on April 6th 2021, bringing its price down to 24.49€

Visit the Wolcen Chronicle: Bloodtrail website at wolcengame.com.

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