Nintendo Life praise Glyph by Bolverk Games in “Hidden Gem” video review

Nintendo Life praise Glyph by Bolverk Games in “Hidden Gem” video review

Glyph, a lively 3d platformer from the Danish Bolverk Games studio, appeared last weekend on one of the World’s largest Nintendo-topic websites. Nintendo Life took some time Saturday to take a different look at the game currently available on Nintendo Switch and Coming Soon on STEAM.

The format with three hosts each picking a game to present to his two colleagues appears to be new to Nintendo Life, judging from comments and the charming but seemingly unscripted dialogue. New but certainly welcomed by the readership as hundreds upvoted suggestions to make it a regular occurrence.

In a memorable quote, presenter Alex Olney said that Glyph is “Stupidly, stupidly good!”

“It’s insane: There is so much game here!” he also said of the amount of content in the title.

Watch the funny video on YouTube!

Players are interested

Commentators also welcomed Glyph as a true find in the comment section under the YouTube video currently viewed roughly 56.000 times.

Here are a few clippings from the comment thread:

"Glyph is so freaking good. It’s insane that nobody talks about it."
"That glyph game looks like my favorite thing ever."

The review format of the video named “3 Fantastic Switch Games that Nobody Talks About” is not a regular segment but only brought up when indie games of high quality “fly under the radar.”

Attention like this is precious for indie game studios.

“It’s (the video) important for us to get noticed and talked about by big players like Nintendo life. We can see a literal spike in all our metrics after a video like that, and that, of course, helps us in our ultimate goal of having players, gamers talk about Glyph to each other. That’s the ultimate goal,” says Bo Bennekov, CEO of Bolverk Games.

Gone in seconds

The three presenters were solidly taken aback by the quality and scale of the game. They were impressed by the 80+ levels within the game, solid controls, and feeling of accomplishment for a title with a mid-range price tag on the e-shop.

Nintendo Life’s video was accompanied by a “First Come; First Served” 10 game giveaway, all gone in a manner of seconds.

“Phew ... If I knew these keys would go so fast, I would have provided a few more. ;D What a wonderful day. :D,” marketing manager Rasmus Jensen commented below the giveaway post.

Glyph recently opened a Coming Soon page on STEAM, where players can sign-up for a free three-level DEMO and wishlist the game. Joining the Bolverk Games STEAM group or Discord channel will also put those interested in the loop for future giveaways and competitions, of which there will undoubtedly be more.

Nintendo Life has previously reviewed the game to an 8/10.

You can watch the "hidden Gem" video here!

More comments

  • We’ll round off with another handful of commentary on Glyph:
  • More people should be talking about Glyph, my favorite game this year by far!
  • I've played a little bit of Glyph already and while the game is perfect, playing it with drift makes it even more challenging (And quite fun, honestly)
  • I adore Glyph. It's definitely a hidden gem. So many levels, with some very, very challenging collectibles to find and (somehow) make your way to. So glad it's finally getting some attention.
  • Glyph looks awesome!
  • Glyph is super fun and very beautiful.

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