U27RA R3Z0NANC3 is out!

U27RA R3Z0NANC3 is out!

U27RA R3Z0NANC3 is a retrowave, sokoban-like, puzzle game about a cat in search of The Truth.

You play as a cute cat called Neko. He is trying to reach “Zawarudo End’s™” and find some answers to what “The Truth” is while his overprotective brother, Wevil, is trying to stop him with exaggeratedly complicated puzzle traps. The game is filled with extremely edgy jokes, interesting situations, curious mechanics and good retro inspired music.

Laser focused features:

  • New take on a familiar formula. Play a sobokan-like as never seen before.
  • Resonate your way through 100 challenging levels. The map is open and allows to choose your own pace.
  • Witness the legendary clash between big and small paws!
  • Survive through some brutally edgy jokes.
  • Discover a kitten side of your own self.
  • Remember to "paws" when you feel stuck.
  • 夜 mode. A mysterious setting rumored to cause spontaneous feelings of nostalgia.
  • Colorblind friendly mode. Colors are assisted with white contrasting symbols.
  • "that th1ng".

The game is available on:
Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1413670/U27RA_R3Z0NANC3
Itch.io - https://dumivid.itch.io/u27ra-r3z0nanc3
Game Jolt - https://gamejolt.com/games/ultra_resonance/492066
Kartridge - https://www.kartridge.com/games/Dumitru96/u27ra-r3z0nanc3

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