World of Tanks Universe Deploys Large-Scale New Year Celebration

World of Tanks Universe Deploys Large-Scale New Year Celebration

From Chuck Norris-filled Holiday Ops in World of Tanks PC and Tanksmas celebrations in World of Tanks Console to the Yuletide Express event in World of Tanks Blitz, the Wargaming community has a lot to look forward to this holiday season.

World of Tanks Blitz will be celebrating the festive season in style with the Yuletide Express event which will run from December 18 to January 4. Battle victories will earn player Jingle Bells needed to complete 15 event stages and get rewards—including a Tier V Premium medium tank Matilda BP past mid-way and something even more solid (Tier VII premium medium tank T26E3 Eagle 7) to choose from in the end of the journey like. Holiday Chests available during the event will yield boosters, vehicles, legendary and rare camos, Premium Account time, credits, gold, and... Snow Globes!

The latter in turn contain great stuff including top-notch Premium tanks. Also, ten Snowballs guarantee you AMX M4 Mle. 54, a new French Tier X Premium heavy tank.

The once-in-a-year Holiday Auction on the World of Tanks Blitz portal will offer a limited supply of rare Premium tanks for three weeks starting December 18. This non-standard auction will have tank prices drop daily so bidders would have a chance to get their most desired vehicles at a very favorable cost!

The much-loved Gravity Mode—on a brand-new Winter-themed map—will return into World of Tanks Blitz on December 28 and will stay until January 3.

Also, to top up the festive mood, every Blitz tanker will receive a personal gift by the end of the year.

World of Tanks Console - 12 Days of Tanksmas operations will run until January 4, console tankers are able to earn tons of free goodies including camo vouchers, Free XP, Silver, and more. Those who complete the missions will get a Tanksmas Key Card and a Top Secret Key Card both giving random but awesome prizes like special Crews, Gold, and even Premium vehicles.

Also, players can earn the tank beast Draugen Lansen C, a Tier VIII Swedish Medium, for free. In addition, players will also receive a Ke-Ni B (a Japanese Tier III light tank) as a gift on top of that.

World of Tanks Console has launched a new round of Tanker Rewards Sweepstakes for players in the U.S. and EU, with incredible prizes available, including all-new current-gen consoles, 12-month subscriptions to Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus, Wargaming-branded gear, and much more. Every tanker can participate and earn as many Tanker Rewards points as possible until February 23 to define your Status (and the possible prizes you can win).

World of Tanks PC was the first to light the fireworks this year. The massive Holiday Ops event launched on December 9, and the tankers are already enjoying the festivities in a small mountain town, decorating its streets, accepting gifts from the Snow Maidens, and receiving the various bonuses, prizes, and gifts (starting with the brand-new Pz.Sfl. IC, a Tier IV German tank destroyer with an autoloader). The event is presided by Chuck Norris, who gives special missions to the tankers. You have plenty of time to join the Holiday Ops as they will last until January 11.

So, no matter which World of Tanks title is being enjoyed this winter: there are plenty of seasonal surprises in store!

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