Roll20 Announces Major Content Updates at Roll20Con 2020

Roll20 Announces Major Content Updates at Roll20Con 2020

At the fifth annual Roll20Con today, Roll20 announced a virtual tabletop full of new content. Burn Bryte, Roll20’s original online TTRPG, has two new adventures (one is free!) available now, plus a new bestiary that expands on the imaginative Olaxis Galaxy. The Roll20 user interface is getting a navigation-friendly overhaul, and new scheduling updates will make it easier than ever to connect with other players. New games are inbound, like Alien, Warhammer Fantasy, Esper Genesis, Companion’s Tale, and more, along with updates and expansions for fan-favorites like D&D, CoC, Pathfinder, Starfinder and more.

Now through Sunday (October 25), fans can grab exclusive Roll20Con giveaways and rewards, as Roll20 matches donations to Code2040 to help end racial discrimination in tech.

“At Roll20, we are constantly striving to lower the barriers of entry - both for the people who play games and for the people who bring these games into our world,” said Emily Floyd, Director of Licensing at Roll20. “With its campaign for Code2040 and its engagement across our virtual tabletop on so many levels, Roll20Con is a celebration of that goal. I'm proud to say our announcements reflect that work as well, and we are thrilled to share with our community everything that's in store for them in the months to come."

Service Updates

  • Mobile App - Roll20 Mobile is just on the horizon. The team is hard at work on Character Sheet integration and mobile dice rolls that can be sent directly to the VTT, with other updates and features coming down the line. A closed beta is coming soon!
  • Roll20 Reserve - Launched in October, Roll20 Reserve is an entirely new reward feature that gives Pro subscribers curated Reserve items each month, like map packs, tokens, modules and other fancy stuff.
  • Reserve items are free to Pro subscribers (exclusively) for one month, then available to all users for purchase in the Marketplace.
  • Grid View - New and improved interface, with more updates on the way! Almost 700 people voted on our user forums for better Page management and organization, and now it’s here.
  • Scheduling Updates - Coming soon. More easily connect with players and solve that eternal TTRPG problem, “so when are we playing?” 

Game Updates

  • Burn Bryte - Three Roll20Con releases, available now:
  • FREE adventure, Trapped at the Edge
  • New Bestiary, Galactic Grimoire
  • New Adventure, After Midnight
  • Free League’s ALIEN (Starter Set and Destroyer of Worlds) - Coming 10/27/2020
  • Starfinder: Alien Archive 3 and 4 - Coming soon
  • Pathfinder Second Edition: Agents of Edgewatch - Just released
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition will be backlog-complete on Roll20 by the end of 2020, with the addition of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, and Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Kobold Press: Tome of Beasts 2 (OGL) - Available now
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition - Just released
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Investigator Handbook - Coming 11/20/2020
  • Charactermancer - Just released
  • Renegade Entertainment’s Overlight and Wardlings - Coming Q1 2021
  • More titles coming soon to Roll20 from indie creators and publishers, including Esper Genesis (Alligator Alley Entertainment), Companions’ Tale (Sweet Potato Press), and many more.

Roll20Con Freebies

  • Code2040 donation rewards:
  • Lost Mine of Phandelver, Indoor Recess Theros, and Burn Bryte Burning Daylight token pack, The Phandelver Phive - available through Tiltify
  • Giveaways this weekend:
  • Every Twitch event will be giving away something
  • Daily giveaways on the Roll20 forums
  • Giveaways at certain donation milestones
  • Roll20Con 2020 T-shirt - Proceeds benefit Code2040
  • Norse Foundry dice - An aircraft grade aluminium D20 sporting the Roll20 logo. 20% of all sales benefit Code2040.
  • New Live Shows
  • Burn Bryte Season 2 (featuring After Midnight) - Coming soon
  • Indie Showcase Season 2 - Coming soon
  • Balikbayan: Returning Home (powered by the apocalypse) - Begins 10/28/2020

Learn more about how Roll20 and Code2040 are bringing the industry together and gaming for good at Roll20Con 2020:

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