#gamesweekberlin 2020

#gamesweekberlin 2020

#gamesweekberlin 2020 will be hosting the PRO X digital business and development platform from October 28-30, 2020: the events will include the Opening Breakfast (October 28), the QUO VADIS game development & business conference (October 28 - 30, 2020) with the new PRO X: Tabletop Games Focus and the first ever Careers Day (30 October), the Womenize! Games & Tech talent and recruitment platform (29 October), the GERMAN ESPORTS SUMMIT (28 - 29 October), the PRO X: Dev Booster (28 - 30 October) and the Matchmaking Dinner. The formats for trade visitors of gamesweekberlin are being held digitally this year and will be streamed here amongst others: www.twitch.tv/gamesweekberlin (Opening, QUO VADIS, Womenize!, Dev Booster). The GERMAN ESPORTS SUMMIT will be streamed here: www.twitch.tv/esportbund. The twitch stream of gamesweekberlin PRO X is hosted and moderated by Indiestrolche, a collective of streamers and game devlopers.
The physical nerve centre of the virtual gamesweekberlin is being located at Freaks 4U Gaming in Berlin: this is where the keynotes, talks and panel discussions will be uploaded, with some being streamed via twitch, and where the international speakers and visionaries will be connected digitally. Tickets for the events are available at www.gamesweekberlin.com. gamesweekberlin and many of the events are supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

PRO X is the business platform of gamesweekberlin, gathering all of the B2B events under one roof. It will open on Wednesday, October 28 with the Opening Breakfast, including a keynote speech by Rami Ismail, co-founder of the Vlambeer development studio, political welcoming addresses by video from Dorothee Bär, Minister of State and Federal Government Commissioner for Digitisation, Berlins Governing Mayor Michael Müller and Lars Klingbeil, SPD Secretary General as well as a fire-side chat with Bitkraft. Michael Liebe, the founder of gamesweekberlin and CEO of Booster Space, the organising agency of QUO VADIS, Womenize! and Dev Booster, will welcome the audience - together with Helge Jürgens, managing director of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, and the presenter Melek "m3lly" Balgün - and give an overview of what to expect at this year's event. The opening is being organized by Freaks 4U Gaming in cooperation with FACTORY-C.

Richard Bartle, godfather of online role games, Jehanne Rousseau, managing director of the successful French game development studio Spiders, Bertrand Vernizeau, CEO and venture partner of Game Seer Ventures, Christian Fonnesbech, Narrative Director of Deck13 Interactive, Rebecca Harwick, head of writing at Wooga, and many more are expected to attend the three-day QUO VADIS conference which is the centrepiece of gamesweekberlin.

The PRO X: Tabletop Games Special Focus has been newly created as an add-on to the QUO VADIS conference. The Booster Space team will be offering talks, workshops and matchmaking for the makers of table top games on October 28 and 29. This year will also see QUO VADIS featuring a Careers Day for the first time – on October 30: working in cooperation with MeetToMatch, the Careers Day will present an exclusively accessible online recruiting and matchmaking platform where selected companies currently on the lookout for new employees will be hooked up with jobseekers. QUO VADIS is organised by Booster Space.

Apart from having crowdfunding and sustainability in its sights as issues to discuss, the Womenize! Games & Tech talent and recruitment platform will also be looking at how serious games can help provide support and guidance for such sensitive topics as sexual trauma, PTSD or mental health. Womenize! is organized by Booster Space.

The two-day GERMAN ESPORTS SUMMIT - GES20 on October 28 and 29 is now being held as part of gamesweekberlin for the third year running. This year's motto is "sustainability" and the focus will be on the following key topics: eSports and gaming during the Coronavirus pandemic, diversity in eSports, eSports, an election campaign issue, eSports in Europe. Moreover, the summit will be discussing the question of how to preserve what has been achieved so far and what challenges await eSports in the future - both economically and socially. The summit is an event of the ESBD - eSport-Bund Deutschland.

Following the successful premiere of the new Dev Booster online pitching format, the PRO X: Dev Booster will now be entering a second round at gamesweekberlin from October 28-30 and once more offering game developers a unique chance to present their latest game to industry experts and investors. The winner will receive prize money, free access to events, and mentoring by experienced industry professionals. Dev Booster is an event of Booster Space.

The Matchmaking Dinner organised by games:net berlinbrandenburg will again bring together different players of the game industry and adjacent industries – by maintaining all necessary safety and social distancing requirements.

The gamesweekberlin 2020 was originally planned for April and then postponed because of the Corona pandemic. In July, the gamesweekberlin organizer Booster Space initiated the gamesweekdigital: Dev Booster online pitching format where game developers presented their projects to publishers, industry experts, investors and representatives of the media.

The public event PLAY X with the Gamefest for game fans had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.

More at www.gamesweekberlin.com.

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