IND13 Announce WInners of the 2019 IND13 Awards

IND13 Announce WInners of the 2019 IND13 Awards

The IND13 Awards are back and the indie games specialists have chosen to recognise some of the most exciting and interesting names in indie games through a number of indie gaming categories.

This year’s winners include Sunless Skies winning best game, Sean Han Tani winning the IND13 Award, Remedy Entertainment winning best studio and Baba Is You winning best original concept. Though many titles from the biggest and brightest studios in indie games have received recognition.

Quote from Failbetter Games, Winner of the IND13 Awards 2019 Best Game

Hannah Flynn, Communications Director, Failbetter Games: “Many thanks to the team at for this delightful award! We're very proud of Sunless Skies, and it's gratifying to hear that the indie-loving community are enjoying getting lost in the Heavens.”

Quote from IND13

Harry Cole, Editor, IND13: “Deciding one indie game, indie studio or indie individual to win an award is challenging and completely subjective. We use the awards to recognise the great work that we’ve seen in the past year and award key figures in the indie games community.

“This is a chance to celebrate indie games rather than say one is better than another. Congratulations to those that deservedly won an award, received a nomination and to anyone making indie games for us to be proud of.”

“This year we’ve seen games that include geese, homeless aliens and nuclear disasters, it’s great to celebrate such diversity. For me one of the most important categories is original concept, where we get to explore some of the creative innovations from studios.”

The IND13 Awards 2019 Winners and Honourable Mentions

Best Game

- Sunless Skies: Winner

- Devotion

- Control

- Alien Squatter

IND13 Award

- Terry Cavanaugh

- Sean Han Tani Winner

- Nina Freeman:

Best Writing

- Sunless Skies: Winner

- Neo Cab

- Heaven's Vault

- Chernobylite X

Best Visuals

- Control: Winner

- Truberbrook

- Draugen

- Sayonara Wild Hearts

Best Studio

- Failbetter Games

- inkle

- Remedy Entertainment: Winner

- Zachtronics

- Sam Barlow

Best Original Concept

- Baba is You: Winner

- Kind Words

- We Met in May

- Hypnospace Outlaw

- Eastshade

- Untitled Goose Game

—Chinese Parents

- GoryTale


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