Free games at stake at DLCompare!!

Summertime has come to its end.

Pack-up your diving equipment, say farewell to your sun protection cream, and get ready to jump back into your slippers, to turn your PC/Console on, and to fasten the seatbelt of your gaming chair.
The last quarter of the year represents the golden moment of the gaming industry, and we are always keen to allow our supporters to enjoy this period of hard-gaming the way every passionate gamer out there would deserve. How? Providing free PC titles, of course!!

This time there is a lot at stake, and participating is easier than ever!
Go on DLCompare and leave a comment on the PC Game of your choice among WRC8, Gears
5, Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, Borderlands 3, FIFA 20, NBA 2K20 or Control. Make sure to be
creative with your comment, since stuff such as “I partecipate” will not be considerated.

Done that.. cross your fingers and wait!

The contest will end on Wednesday, September 4th at 21h, and we will contact the
winners via email.

As you can see, we provide enough choices to please each and every gaming-taste, so whether you are an
FPS lover or a fan of sport games, you better not lose this occasion to get a free digital copy of the PC
game you dream of.

Last but not least, don't forget to take a look at our comparison tool on DLCompare, which will guide
you hand-in-hand towards the best prices online for your favourite PC/console titles, and stay up to date with the best news from the gaming world visiting us on our blog.
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Good luck to all of you!!

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