Can Bitcoin be used to play at online betting sites?

The short answer is YES, but this is a question that definitely deserves a detailed explanation. Bitcoin is the best-known and most traded of all crypto currencies and the one that players are allowed to use at many online gambling operators. Internet casinos and new slot sites online were quick to add it on the list of accepted payment methods, to facilitate deposits and withdrawals. Even before the Bitcoin value surged to incredible highs, many bookmakers allowed players to use it for gambling. Not surprisingly, there are just as many accepting it today, more than a year after he took a serious dive.

Why do players love using Bitcoin online?

Bitcoin is popular among online gamblers for the same reason crypto currencies continue to exercise a special fascination upon punters. Security, transparency and enhanced privacy are three of the reasons for why so many gamblers prefer digital currency to fiat money. Transactions are encrypted, safe and much faster, which is a major advantage when cashing out profits. Online betting sites accepting both traditional and digital money offer instant deposits, but there’s a big difference when it comes to cash outs. Money transfers that usually take many days can be performed in a matter of minutes when withdrawing.

Privacy is something that online gamblers cherish and for good reasons, even though they can differ greatly from one punter to the other. For most of them, not needing to worry about the security of their funds and sensitive information is paramount for enjoying gambling over the Internet. Other people are more concerned about the prospect of others finding about their hobby, so they go to great lengths to keep it secret. Last but definitely not least, some players reside in countries where online gambling is either illegal or not regulated. They want to stay on the safe side and for all of them, Bitcoin is a solution.

Why do online casinos accept Bitcoin?

The main reason for why online betting sites accept Bitcoin is that there is a significant competition for players among gambling operators. Denying them the chance of using their preferred payment method is bad for business and in this highly competitive environment, this could be a ruinous mistake. The fact that crypto currency deposits are performed instantly and cash outs take little time is beneficial to both players and casinos. Money moves quickly and players are provided with the motivation of loading their accounts much often. This is the perfect incentive for turning play money members into real players.

Online betting sites that accept Bitcoin also have the advantage of being able to cater for players from more countries. The regulations regarding crypto currencies are not even remotely as strict as those affecting real money transactions. Online casinos have other tools at their disposal for maintaining a secure gaming environment, such as KYC procedures. With all these arguments in mind, Bitcoin is likely to gain even more traction among players and online betting sites in the foreseeable future.

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