The Dalaran Heist Chapter III – Streets of Dalaran, Now Live

Arch-Villain Rafaam has meticulously assembled a league of menacing and megalomaniacal supervillains to undertake his most audacious caper yet—stealing the magical city of Dalaran! As low-level operatives in Rafaam's League of E.V.I.L., players will rampage through the streets, spires, and sewers of Dalaran ensuring that every part of the plan succeeds. Or, at the very least, provide a useful distraction as the League of E.V.I.L. accomplishes its devious goals.

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What’s Next?

So far, with the aid of King Togwaggle, Hagatha, and their lackeys, players have cracked open The Dalaran Bank and released the devious denizens of The Violet Hold.

Next Target – Streets of Dalaran

Battling in the magical capital’s bustling precincts means that you’re likely to be tussling in tight quarters. The Streets of Dalaran are packed with the carts of peddlers of precious wares—meaning there’s only room for four Minions on each side of the board. Make the most of the space available and take advantage of your opponent’s limited room.

Who’s Going In?

In exchange for Kriziki’s assistance distracting the city’s citizenry, Madame Lazul has promised the thing Arrakoa desire most of all—flight! This feathery fiend will do anything in its priestly power to assist the League of E.V.I.L. and regain its place in the sky.

When attempting to cut straight to the heart of a city, it’s great to have a Rogue in your employ. Madame Lazul has promised the Vulpera pirate Captain Eudora riches beyond her wildest dreams. She only need deliver Dalaran in return.

As with the other The Dalaran Heist Anti-Heroes, Kriziki and Captain Eudora will also have to complete unique challenges in order to unlock two new Hero Powers each, and defeat bosses to bolster their starting deck options.

See you in Dalaran!

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