AUDIO ROYALE, The Next Fortnite Upgrade

Today HEAR360 announced the release of AUDIO ROYALE, the world's first PC-sound driver specially tuned for Fortnite.

AUDIO ROYALE, a downloadable software app, offers gamers multiple audio personalization options, and a free trial is available at for a limited time.

During the development of AUDIO ROYALE, a team of audio engineers observed many different play styles, then leveraged their proprietary SONAMI audio engine to build features to give gamers an edge.

But don't worry, it's not a cheat or a hack. AUDIO ROYALE simply unlocks the native sound of the game, and a deeply immersive surround sound experience for $3.99 per month, or $29.99 per year.

Fortnite was designed to output 5.1 surround sound, but using regular headphones actually flattens Fortnite's 5.1 sound track to basic stereo. Gamers no longer have to splurge on expensive surround sound cards or pricey headphones to hear the game as it was intended. AUDIO ROYALE unlocks Fortnite's 5.1 surround sound on any headphones by using proprietary HRTFs to route the 5.1 signal to virtualized speakers, delivering an unparalleled immersive audio experience.

Though Fortnite is free-to-play, the game offers hundreds of personalization options if you're willing to shell out some V-bucks. However, despite the big ticket prices for customization, none of these purchases offer any competitive advantage.

AUDIO ROYALE, on the other hand, offers advantages and customization to novice and seasoned players alike. According to the website, AUDIO ROYALE delivers:
Increased situational awareness
Ability to hear through walls and locate footsteps
Capability to pinpoint the source of gunshots

AUDIO ROYALE comes complete with:
Visualizer: Enables gamers to see sound sources, 360° around the character.
Metering: Displays the levels of each surround sound channel in real-time.
Equalizer: Allows gamers to customize their game's sound to tap into their natural instincts.

Don't do default audio. Personalize your game, and get a split-second advantage with AUDIO ROYALE.


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